Laughter As Medicine

Laughter was a huge part of our BWCA trips. I think I saw it inside a Dove chocolate wrapper once; “laughter is inner jogging”. I love this idea and it is so true. We had so many fun and funny moments, while we were letting the summer days drift away with the natural rhythm of the wilderness.

One very funny moment was when we almost tipped the canoe. We were out fishing and got excited over a fish and both leaned to the same side of the canoe. Being the canoe novices that we were at that time and not having a good awareness on how far one could lean, without tipping the canoe, I decided to sacrificed myself and went head first into the lake. When it became obvious that the canoe was going to tip. Because of this, Emy was able to get the canoe balanced again. Luckily all of our stuff and the canoe did not also fall into the lake. The look of crazy concern on Emy’s face soon broke into laughter once she knew I was okay. Some people may have gotten angry or frustrated but we just laughed and laughed and did what we needed to do to get everything taken care of so we could continue our fishing. Another of the very funny moments, was when we got to shore and looked into the bottom of the canoe. There was a fair amount of water in the bottom. Swimming through the water, as if they could make their great escape, was our bait! The leaches container had over turned and the leaches were doing the backstroke in the bottom of the canoe. We simply giggled about this, scooped them up, and put them back into the container. My camera also got wet in this little mishap. I hung it from a tree to drip dry, while we emptied the water from the canoe and got everything else put back right. The camera,  continued to work for the rest of the trip, but it has never really been right since then.

Go ahead and laugh with us! Laughter is truly the best medicine. I much prefer to laugh my way through life, not taking myself too seriously. It feels good to laugh! When was the last time you had a deep belly laugh? We would return from our BWCA trips with sore abs from all the laughing we would do. I often have wondered if other campers heard the laughter coming from our campsite and wondered what we were up to.

When was your last deep belly laugh? How do you feel when you have a great big, tears running down your cheeks, belly laugh?

Keep laughing friends! Thank you for reading my blog today.

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