Croatia; A Visual Journey Through a Country of Splendor

My husband, stepson, and I recently journeyed to Croatia. This country was such a surprise to me. I found a country full of rich heritage, natural beauty, and kindness. I had first heard of it a few years ago when another friend traveled there to learn his family’s heritage. I had no idea what to expect. Through this blog, I would like to share some photos of this beautiful land. 

I must tell you, I thought writing an “photo” blog would be an easy shortcut to getting a blog done. That turned out to not be the case at all. There are just so many lovely photos to chose from and so much I want to share with you about Croatia, I decided I will have to do a short series to share even a handful of the photos and the experiences with you.

Let’s start by talking about the people of Croatia and their hospitality. Complete strangers opened their homes, restaurants and kitchens to us.

Recently meet, long lost relatives, brought us (three types of) grapes they had grown, their freshly ripened plums, fresh bread they had recently baked, and salami they had made from animals they raised.



Their generosity was overwhelming to me. Such a blessing to share with us.

Early one morning, as we were traveling along the coast, we stopped for breakfast. We did not really grasp that Croatia does not do breakfast in the way America does. A restaurant owner, who was setting up for their daily lunch rush of 200 factory workers, welcomed us in. He happily brought us a smorgasbord of food, cooked us eggs and visited with us. Another blessing on our trip.




Next I want to share with you the landscape. Croatia is a relatively small area geographically. The State of Minnesota (where I live) is 4 times larger than Croatia. The landscape of Croatia is very diverse. As we drove across the country we would see the landscape change and change again. It is such a beautiful country.


There were coastlines, forests (of different types depending on region), mountains and valleys. We saw farmland and we saw arid land that would never be farmable. All of it was breathtaking in it’s own way.

Growing along the roadways we saw grapes, pears, apples, plums and sugarcane. There was a valley we drove through were you could see many diverse crops all growing in close proximity to one another. Honey and Med was often offered for sale in roadside stands.


The homes changed from area to area also. In the North we noticed a lot of cute balconies adorned with flowers. There were brightly colored flowers everywhere we went.


There was such charm in their homes, it was easy to believe that this is a very happy place to live.


Business and churches also had a lot of charm. Often, as we were driving down the road, I would squeal in glee seeing a church that was so cute. We would have never have made it around the country if we had stopped to take a picture of everything that caught my eye.

This country is truly a country of splendor. It starts with the people and their big, kind, generous, giving hearts. It moves on to a beautiful landscape that covers all of the country as it morphs from area to area and is covered in charming homes, business, and places of worship.

I will be writing future photo blogs about our trip to Croatia. There is just too much to share for one blog cover all of it.

Thank you for reading my blog today. May your life be filled with journey to places of splendor, as if by magic.

** Thank you to SydneysByDesign for doing photo editing to featured image on the blog. Your work is breathtaking!

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