Nature Is All Around Us

I live in the city even though I am a nature girl at heart. As I was driving through downtown Minneapolis, on my way to work this morning, I noticed the sunrise reflected on the glass of the downtown sky scrapers. It was stunning and it helped me to realize Nature is all around us.

As a girl who loves nature, I sometimes feel that living in the city keeps me away from my beloved forests, but then I take the time to notice there are wonderful ways for me to experience the outdoors without having to take a drive to the countryside. The trees and shrubs along the side of the road, showing off their autumn color,  are one way we are blessed with beauty. The squirrels, who are busy putting on their winter fat, are little bits of the wild that we can enjoy. If we just take the time to look around, there are so many amazing little gifts that the plants and animals offer us, even within the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Winter is coming to the Twin Cities, where I live. I find it difficult to get out into the natural world in the winter because the cold weather does not agree with me. I have purchased snow pants, good quality winter boots, hats and gloves; all with the intention of making sure I continue to get outside and experience the wild and fresh air all winter long. This must be a mindful decision on my part. It is not natural for me to want to venture out into the frosty cold. I have learned that when I push through and get out there, even if it is just to walk around the block, seeing the sky and feeling the wind on my cheeks makes me a better and happier person.

Are you like me? Do you feel better when you have more playtime with Mother Nature? How do you incorporate her into you everyday life? It is too easy to think that you need time to drive to the bluffs and go hiking, or take the kayaks to the river to get out there. Maybe just enjoying this gorgeous world we live in is as simple as noticing the sunrise or sunset. Maybe watching the fluffy clouds float by, or the even fluffier squirrel in the tree, can help sustain us until a deep journey into the wild is available.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you. May you find the beauty you need in your everyday life.




It’s a Magical World… Where We Live Magical Lives

Yesterday, as my husband and I were Kayaking, we came upon two Eagles sitting on a log eating a fish. I was able to get within 20 feet of them before they flew away. Then we paddled a bit further on and happened upon a waterfall flowing down into the river. IMG_2487Marty commented that we live a magical life. Why?  Because we had planned a different Kayak trip for the day but it just didn’t feel right, so we skipped it. When we got to the restaurant where we had planned to enjoy an amazing Indian meal but we found it was closed between Lunch and Supper. So we needed to wait about an hour to eat. We had passed this little park a bit back up the St Croix River; so we decided to go back there, put in, and paddle around while we waited for the restaurant to reopen. Because the planned paddle earlier in the day just didn’t feel right and the restaurant was closed when we got to it, we were able to have these remarkable experiences. (Magical Divine timing)

The paddle was beautiful and peaceful. We saw water plants with white flowers on them, that we had not seen in bloom before. IMG_2525We sat awed looking at the amazing Eagles, sitting so close to where we floated. We took a moment to soak in the cool mist from the waterfall as it joined the river. It was truly magical! Marty was right. Think about how many times in your life things don’t work out the way you planned and how many times that spurred you on to something bigger and better? (Life Is Magical)

Those times when you didn’t get the job, the guy, or the trip takes an unexpected curve, those are the times the Divine is working in your life. Those are the times God, Spirit, or the Universe are helping you get to amazing, dreamlike, opportunities and experiences. Ones you could have never imagined if you were fully in control. It is through this trust and moving with the flow of life, that amazing things can happen. Like, on our honeymoon, when we missed out connection in Paris on our layover between Italy and home. Now missing a connection is not something one usually wishes for, but this turned out to be a magical extra night on our honeymoon. We got a night in Paris on the airline, were able to take a whirlwind tour of the city. Taking pictures of many of the most popular attractions there after running into an amazing tour guide of a taxi driver. It was a blessing in disguise.

How many people do you know that were devastated when their marriages fell apart. Now you look at them. Most are in new relationships that are a better fit and they seem so much more joyful and happy with life. I had a time when an employer decided to replace my position with someone else. At the time I was hurt and crushed. But now the job I have is so much better, I make more money, I have the opportunity to travel, and what I am doing I absolutely love. It is, all of the best parts of the old job,without the stressors, and has better perks!

We have all heard the old quote that when things are falling apart sometime they are falling together for the better. It is painful when they are falling apart. It just plain sucks and you can’t understand why it is happening, but if you can look back on these events, you might just see that you are in a better place now. Because you live a magical life. Believe that it will work out! Believe in the possibilities! Keep your thoughts positive! Before you know it you will be living the life of your dreams!

Thank you for reading my blog today! May your life be magical in every way! Blessings friends. I love you!

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The Story of the Stone Buffalo

Emy and my adventures are mostly based in the BWCA (Boundary Water Canoe Area) but there was an earlier adventure. It also started with a Groupon, curiously. It was a kayak trip down the Mississippi. This was not a daunting journey that took days and multiple supplies. This was a leisurely paddle with the current for a few hours.
It was a beautiful sunny day. We were excited to get out and do something new together. I had done some canoeing and kayaking but this was our first joint voyage. We paddled along, enjoying the scenery and each others company. We talked about the environment and even sent some healing energy to the Mississippi. We wanted to help combat some of the pollution we feared was there. There was a little island in the middle of the river at one point. Feeling free and quite adventurous we decided to stop and explore. It was a small bit of land covered with trees. There was a little dirt path through the forest. Hiking on the path was a great way to stretch our legs after a couple hours in the kayaks. We came across a picnic table. We walked past it not thinking much about it. Emy wondered further into the woods but I felt drawn to the picnic table. On the table there was a small stone bison. I felt intuitively that the fairies had left it there for me. I excitedly told Emy about it and showed it to her.
When I got home I looked up the spiritual meaning of bison. I believe that when we notice animals (especially animals we don’t typically see) they come with a message for us. It is a way Spirit talks to us. When I look up the messages animal totems have for me, I trust my gut to guide me to the reason the animal showed up. Nothing about the stone bison really seemed like a strong message for me at the time. I kept it in a special place; I had a sense that it was a powerful gift.
Tonight as Emy and I were messaging back and forth about steps we are taking to get our books published, my phone autocorrected “vision” to “bison”. I was immediately reminded of the stone bison from all those years ago. I looked it up again to see what meaning or message it had for us now. The following list of words came up acquainted with the bison.

Abundance      Blessing      Community      Consistency      Goals
Gratitude      Manifestation      Prayer      Prosperity      Provision
Sacrifice      Service      Stability      Strength      Surrender

Since this evening had been focused on our efforts to get our books published, I feel that the message of the stone bison was about steps we could take to move our books forward. I find it so interesting that this gift was given to me so many years before the idea of the book or even the concept of the Adventure Sisters was born. Life is magical, if you trust it.
Do you have any similar stories? What magic have you noticed in your life?

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