What Are You Afraid Of?

Fears, we all have them. Some are rational fears built out of protecting ourselves from things that have harmed us in the past. Some are instinctual fears, that have been pasted down through generations of ancestors, as a means to keep us safe from life threatening dangers. Other fears are irrational fears, we do not understand where they come from but the fear is real and we must deal with it. Then there are the anxieties of the future possible.

What does the future hold for us? How will our decisions and actions of today affect our lives tomorrow? These fears are just as real in our mind and how they affect us as the others. They are no easier to deal with than the fear of heights or needles would be. They drain our energy and affect our choices. I feel these fears can be very detrimental to us. They can cause us to not pursue our dreams or hold our loved ones back from obtaining theirs. I remember reading somewhere once (although I do not remember where) a line about fears that has stayed with me and still rings very true. “Why should we walk for we might fall”~ Unknown.

We are all very good at imagining the “what ifs” of various scenarios.

”If I apply for that job, my boss might find out and I may get fired and then the other company won’t hire me and I will be out of a job and I won’t be able to pay my rent and I will have to go live on the street”
  • “If I spend that money on that trip, I might not enjoy the trip and then the money will be gone and my car might breakdown and I will need the money to fix it”
  • “If I ask that person out on a date, they might laugh at me and think how could someone like me could talk to someone like them and if they did go out with me they might be mean to me at the restaurant and publicly berate me and everyone else at the restaurant will probably be looking and wondering why I am making a fool of myself.”

All of these fears, when we read them here, show us how we are worrying about something that may and most likely won’t ever happen. We are preventing ourselves from experience some of the joys in life, if we spend too much time fearing what might never come to pass.

“What if I fall?’, Tim cried.
 Maerlyn laughed. ‘Sooner or later, we all do.” 
~Stephen King, The Wind Through the Keyhole

The only way to get past our fears, is by facing them. How did you get past being afraid of the dark or other fears you may have had as a child? Did your parents let you leave all the lights on all over the house, so you would not be afraid? Did you run fast across your dark bedroom and jump into bed before the thing underneath it grabbed. At times in life we all need to take risks. We need to boldly step out of our comfort zone and march into the unknown. At some point, the child decides to leave crawling behind, stand up and walk. Although they will likely fall (probably several times) eventually, walking will become comfortable for them.
Thank you for reading my blog today! I wish you a life of happily going boldly, where you have not gone before and finding the joy and magic this life has to offer to you.
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