Spider’s Web

It’s spring! The world is waking up. Nature has thrown back the blanket of snow that has covered the Earth and Mother Nature is stretching her arms and coming to life. The buds are forming on the branches. Birds are sings and hunting for the worms in the lawn. The spiders are emerging and starting to build their webs. It is a magical time to watch as the circle of life renews and spins on. Let’s think about those spider webs for a minute.

I love the symbolism of the spider web. It is a great illustration of how we are all connected. Even though two ends of the spider web may be far apart, you can’t touch one part of the web without vibrating the whole thing. If something walks through the spider web and disconnects a part of the web, the whole web will be affected. When an insect happens to fly into the web, it does not matter what part of the web it is in, the whole web dances with its effort. This is the same for us. We are all connected even if we are far apart. What you do over here will cause ripples to go out, just like when you through a rock into a calm pond. The ripples spread out, affecting more and more of the water. You get to choose what types of ripples you send out though. Will they be ripples of kindness and helpfulness or will they be ripples of anger and hate?

Sending out love and higher vibrations improve the whole world, just as lower vibrations can affect the whole world too. How do you want to change the world? Do you want to make the world a better place? Then keep that in mind when you are making a decision, as to how to respond to something that happens to you, that the energy you put out there affects the whole web of life. Your vibrations have long reaching affects and people you do know, have known or have not yet met will all be touched by the ripples.

Think about it this way. You buy a cup of coffee on your way to work. As you are walking down the sidewalk you stumble a little. Not enough to fall or get hurt, but enough that you drop you coffee. Now you have a choice. You can cuss and complain. You can decide there goes your day and everyone who comes in contact with you should be weary that you may bite their head off. You can enter the office and tell everyone what a crappy day it is and spread that lower vibe. Everyone who see you on the street and interacts with you along the way will have the potential to further spread on that bad mood. The person at the front desk who you snap at. The grandmother on the street who heard you swearing and angry when you dropped the coffee. Your assistant who can’t seem to do anything right for you the rest of that day. Who then, in turn, could spread that negative energy to all the people they interact with and so on. Get it?


Now let’s look at that same scenario but this time, let’s say you make a choice to look for the positive. Maybe this time you respond with gratitude that you did not spill it on yourself or anyone else. Thank goodness no one got burnt or their clothes stained by this mishap with the coffee. Maybe you are even able to laugh at yourself. How funny you must have looked arms flailing and coffee flying. You giggle and continue on, after picking up the cup and disposing of it in the receptacle. You smile at those you pass and continue to chuckle to yourself as you carry on with your day. You greet the receptionist with a cheery hello and maybe even share the funny story about how your coffee became airborne and end it by telling how grateful you are that no one got hurt. You work collaboratively with your assistant. This time the energy you are sharing, the vibrations on the web of life, are happy and positive. The people you have interacted with will have a positive and happy experience and will continue to spread those higher vibes across the rest of their day.

We all have choices about the way we respond to our day and life. If we truly want to improve the world and make it a great place, then start by simply making the choice to be happy, smile at others, and put those happy vibrations out into the web of life.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I wish you a lifetime of happy interactions in the web of life.

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