Zagreb and Dubrovnik: Two Very Different Cities

Zagreb and Dubrovnik are two of the largest cities in Croatia but the similarities seem to end there. They are so very different from each other but each has their own unique charm.

Zagreb is the country’s Capital. It is located in the North Central part of the country. Close to Slovenia. While Dubrovnik is by the southern tip of the country and is a costal town. You may know it as the backdrop of the Game of Thrones series. They film there in the Winter. Come with me as I share the charm of these two very different cities with photographs.

Dubrovnik has it’s old town right on the coast. The town is surrounded by a wall (fortification) that was once used for protection. From the path along the city wall we got a beautiful view of all of the tile roofs. You can actually circle the entire city from the wall.


In Zagreb, the view of the city from above, looks very different. It is a missmesh of different types of architecture.


When you travel to the city center of Zagreb, you do get to see the charm of the old architecture, but it is still very different from Dubrovnik.


The graffiti I saw in Zagreb looked more like murals.


In Dubrovnik, from the old city wall, I witness 3 Nuns climbing the church steps as a black cat ran out. I found the symbolism ironic. IMG_4618


The views from the city walls in Dubrovnik were breathtaking! Each opening seemed to frame another perfect view for a picture.


Zagreb had fun statues in their city center which contributed to an artsy feel of the city.


In Dubrovnik, when inside the old city, it is full of narrow passageways between the closely placed buildings. Fun to explore all the interesting paths.IMG_4520

In a newer part to the Dubrovnik, just down from the old wall fort, we were able to enjoy some fine dining along the rocky beach.


Zagreb, unlike Dubrovnik, has modern sound barriers. These continue the arts vibe of the city, as well as supply some fun quirky little finds.


I feel our trip to Croatia, would not have been complete, without experiencing these two very different cities. Zagreb the Country’s Capital was artsy and eclectic. While we experienced Dubrovnik as perhaps the more sophisticated, but a bit stiffer, town.

The featured photo (first) on the blog, is of Dubrovnik’s old city (wall) as seen from the place (Leonardos) we dined on pizza the night we arrived there.

Thank you for reading my blog today. May your travels bring you contrast so that you might experience all the different facets a place has to offer, as if by magic.

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