What Worry Robs You Of

Are you an expert worrier? I think many of us are. We worry about money, relationships, or our health. There is always a never ending supply of something to worry about. We worry if someone misunderstood something we said. We worry that we might say the wrong things. We worry about people we love. We worry what people we don’t even like and what they might do to hurt us. I even find myself worrying about the Uber drivers with high mileage cars that are not paid off. There is so much to worry about, but what good does worrying do for us?

Have you heard the quote by Randy Armstrong that says; “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.”  This is very true and why living in the “now” is so important. We cannot possibly know what tomorrow brings. We may spend all kinds of time fretting about this or that, only to find out that it never comes to pass. So why do we do it? If we could worry less and enjoy today more, we would be happier.

Psychologist at Harvard University are finding that people are happier when they live in the moment. Living in the now brings more peace in your life. Instead of worrying about having to go back to work on Monday, fully embrace today! Instead of thinking about that next vacation and how happy you will be then, fully enjoy “this” moment. When you look at the moment, independent of the past, your future “you” will find that this moment is perfect. At this moment I am sitting on my couch writing this blog. I am comfortable, inspired, warm, and at peace. Peace is hidden in the quiet noticing of the present moment.

Live for today but plan for tomorrow is a great way to look at life. You will have less need to let worry and anxiety creep into your day. Put money in a savings account, try not to burn your bridges with people, avoid procrastination, all of these things will make it more pleasant when you arrive at tomorrow. Live in today though. We do not know what fate may lay at our feet tomorrow. Those things that are the most painful are usually the things that we do not anticipate. Why worry then? It will not help tomorrow come peacefully. It only steals away the peace and joy from today.

As for worrying for other people, here is the best example of have heard as to why not to do that. It was in a book by Dr. Bruce Lipton. He explain that if we painted a picture of our worry – what would that look like? Then he asked us to think about painting the picture of what we wanted for that person. Which of these two pictures would be a nice gift? The one of the hopes and dreams for that person of course! Instead of worrying for other people, why not paint a picture in our head of what we would like for that person. Therefore sending good thoughts and intentions their direction as well as freeing us from the bonds of worry.

As you go about your day, work to stay in the present moment. Allow the peace of now to fill you. If worry starts to creep in just paint a different picture in mind. Fill your thoughts with happy images for the future. Then go back to focusing on the perfectness of this minute.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you. May you find the peace of living in the now, as if by magic.

*Photo was taken on Clearwater Beach, FL

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