Today is a New Day

Today is a new day. Today is a day that I recommit to myself. Today is a day that I say, “I am important”. Today is a day where I push guilt out of my mind. Today is a day that I realize that by practicing good self care; I am better equipped to deal with sorrow, stress, anxiety, and everything that life throws at me. Are you ready to recommit to yourself too? If so, come along on this journey with me. A journey with a heart full of love. Love for others, but more importantly, love for oneself. Love enough to know that I deserve to be a priority.

Those of you who follow my blog may have noticed I have not blogged for about 3.5 months. My daughter was shot and that shook me to the core. She is okay and for this I am extremely grateful. It is a story I need to tell, but today is not that day. Today’s blog is about self care and the future, not the past.

Inspired by my husband, I have decided it is time to take a serious look at how I am treating my body. After walking over 17,000 steps Saturday and over 10,000 Sunday; today seemed like the perfect day to make a commitment to 10,000 steps a day. After trying on clothes this weekend, I realized that what I feared was true. I have put on a few pounds over the last couple of months. A tentative step on the scale this morning showed a gain of 14lbs since April. Weight gain can be so insidious. A little comfort eating here, a couple of glasses of wine to numb the pain there and suddenly there is more of me to love. I find myself getting winded, having more back pain, and finding that all kinds of things take more energy. So, want to commit to 10,000 steps a day with me?

I have also noticed that I may chose to hermit in the house rather than getting outside. I know I feel best when I get outside amongst the trees. Whether it’s a walk down the street in the city or hanging out in a hammock in the woods, nature soothes me. It helps me feel more like me. What makes you feel most like you? How can you get more of that into you life? I intend to get outside and take a daily walk. It will support the earlier goal of 10,000 steps and also feed my soul!

Are you ready to commit to caring for yourself? What are your goals? There is no reason to feel guilty because you are making decisions that support your goals to care for yourself. My goals are related to getting my body healthy but yours may be related to getting your mind or spirit, healthy. What every they are, I encourage you to set a couple and commit to care for yourself in some small way each day.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you! May you find self care rewarding and enriching, as if by magic!


2 thoughts on “Today is a New Day

  1. Yes, I too have fallen off the fitness wagon. I’ll commit to 10k steps a day with you.
    Let’s do this!! ❤


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