Sharing Joy

When I was in Kundalini Yoga teacher training, I had a fellow classmate named Nancy. Nancy was a fascinating woman with a rich background who was always happy to share her knowledge. She had a mantra which was, “Feel joy and share it”. She used it so often that I can still hear her saying it in my head. Nancy has left the physical realm but her mantra lives on.

I can remember her telling stores of people being unkind to her. They were caught up in their everyday reality and just muddling along not thinking how their actions might affect this loving woman. Her response to them was to shout, “Feel joy and share it”. What a lovely response! I can’t think of a better one.

Imagine a world where it becomes everyone’s desire to leave a room happier than it was when they entered it. There is not magic formula for this. It may be smiling at someone, making a light hearted comment, or complimenting a person. If everyone embraced their inner Pollyanna and really looked to see the positives, even in difficult situations, the world could be transformed.

I am asking you to embrace Nancy’s mantra and “Feel Joy and Share It”! Sometimes you will feel anything but joyful. You will need others to bring the joy to you. Other times you will be the deliverer of joy to those who need it. Let’s pick each other up and spread joy all around.


2 thoughts on “Sharing Joy

  1. Great article! I love Nancy’s legacy, and honestly, this is something I try to practice every day. It just makes life easier to smile and see the beauty. ❤

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