Spark of Recognition

Have you ever looked into a strangers eyes and seen a familiar soul? It happens all the time to me. I pass a stranger in the hallway, our eyes meet for the briefest of seconds, they smile, I smile back and we each go our separate ways. There is no way our paths have crossed in this lifetime. In this lifetime, this was just a chance encounter. There is no discussion and no explanation. Just 2 souls passing like ships in the night.

Perhaps these souls that have been part of my past lives. Maybe they played a significant role in some long ago, far away, drama. Or perhaps it is just a case of the Divine in me; recognizing the Divine in the other. After all, we are all one.

If you have not had this experience before, I bet that you will start to notice it now. The next time you make eye contact with strangers. For some, this can be intimidating. For me this is a sense of connection with those other Divine souls out there living this human experience. These brief interactions with my fellow voyagers are like little oasis’s in the desert. They are reminders that I am not alone, others voyage with me.

Never would I have thought that brief eye contact with a stranger, an angel, would have been confirmation that I am on my right path. Finding comfort in the fact that my soul family is much bigger than I realize; is mine due to this briefest of encounters. I also realize that I am safe to enjoy this moment without a need to cling to it. There is no desire to make it into something that it is not.

As you journey through this magical life, notice the other Divine souls around you. Smile at them, share a moment, and carry on with your crazy, beautiful adventure.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you! May you find connections that provide you comfort, as if by magic.

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