Symbolism is All Around Us!

As we dance through life we see things that appeal to us or notice things we may have missed before, such as animals making appearances. All of these things may have messages for us. They may be a way that God or Spirit is trying to speak to us.

How many times have you been walking down the street and all of a sudden you are seeing something repeatedly. Maybe it has been there when you have walked the same path in the past, but for whatever reason, today they are standing out to you. They may have a message or symbolism that is important for you in this time. For example, in the spring of this year, I was noticing tulips everywhere. They were growing in planters, in vases and painted in pictures. Ironically, I was traveling at the time and missed the blooming of my own tulips. It was a time when I was feeling a bit disconnected from spirit. When I looked up the meaning of tulips it spoke to connection with spirituality. It seemed I was noticing the tulips because my spirit was calling out for that connection.

Now, just because that’s what tulips meant to me at that time, does not mean that is what it means for everyone. Allowing others to find their own meanings in the symbols around us and allow their message to you to be unique. I know a woman who knows her deceased loved one is near whenever she sees an Eagle. Eagles hold a different meaning for me. For many others, Eagles can have patriotic symbolism. Another example, I have of this, is about a time when I was seeing deer. They were outside my hotel drinking from the pond. Standing next to the pharmacy in a good sized city. Grazing in the woods next to the road. I was seeing deer all over and in very unusual places. They were, for sure, trying to get my attention. There are many websites and books where you can look up the symbolism of animals and other things. I looked deer up in various books and websites and nothing they said seemed or felt right to me. I finally took sometime to meditate and allow the answer to come to me. Suddenly, one day, it came to me. All the deer were standing or slowly walking. None of them were running. Even though they were in places that may have been dangerous, they did not seem to be afraid. I was in a new situation where change was causing me some fear. The deer were a sign for me that I was safe and had no reason to be afraid. I trusted the message and it turned out to be very true.

Watch and notice things and events  around you. There may be messages you are receiving that you are not even aware of. Be open to what they may have to tell you. It can be important and might even bring you peace.

Thank you for reading my blog today. May you live a life full of messages easily received, as if by magic.

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