Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is the time in the year when we can start to walk away from winter and enter a time of new life, rebirth, and growth. At Equinox there is a perfect balance between the hours of night and day. It is a wonderful time to do some self-reflection and find balance within our lives. This is because balance is important when working to achieve overall wellness. Winter is a harsh time, filled with darkness, cold, and hibernation. As we say goodbye to winter, it is a good time to reflect on the defeat of the season. Defeat or failure is a part of life. We all face it in different ways throughout our lives. We tend to see it as a negative, but what if it is really freedom?

Reflect on:

What happens when we reframe the experience of failure to see it as freedom?

What happens when we start to see it as a shedding, like when a snake sheds it skin?

What if we see it like a chipping away. Imagine chipping away at stone to find the crystal hidden within.

This is a time to shed ways of thinking that no longer serve us and create self-imposed blockages. We can now tear down the walls of self-imposed limitations. What self-imposed limitations or blockages would you like to be free from?

Spring is a time of many things; fresh growth, new life, and a clean start. It is also a time of storms. When we step into the chaos of the spring storms, we can embrace the power of change that is waiting there for us. When we do not suppress what is in us, yearning to get out, we have the opportunity to grow. I want to be ready for the changes that are coming to the surface within me. It is now, in the spring, that those things that have been incubating come to life. This is a profound transformation, if you think about it. We can all enjoy this same profound transformation. Through upheaval, renewal is found.

On the equinox there is a balance between day and night. Let us call on this balance within ourselves and bring forth the beauty that is within us yearning to come forth. This can be a balance of many things.

  • Work and play
  • Feminie and masculine
  • Positive and negative
  • Progress and rest
  • Light and dark
  • Those things we judge to be assets and those we judge to be detrimental
  • And many more…

As we move forward into spring, it is a great time to take your personal wellness to the next level. Reflect upon what is waiting to be born from you. Look at the judgements you have placed on what is good and what is bad and see if you can find the light in the darkness and vise versa. Allow the transformation of Spring to transform you too.

Thank you for reading my blog today. May you find growth awakening within you as new life brings forth in nature. Many blessings to you.


The Burden of Having Stuff; 4 Ways to Lighten Your Load

It has recently come to my attention what a burden having things can be. Do you have a lot of stuff? Do you feel safe, because you have all of it, or does it weigh you down? I used to be afraid to get rid of stuff because I thought I might need it. The energy of keeping all this stuff can sometimes be more burdensome than having to repurchase it. Do you have an emotional attachment to stuff? This can also cause difficultly.

There are lots of different techniques out there to to help you clean out your stuff. Here are a few I have heard about.

  1. According to the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, the way to declutter is to only keep items that give you joy.  If they don’t give you joy, get rid of them.
  2. The 3 container method. This is where you separate stuff into a keep, get rid of, and emotional attachment box. I usually use 4 when I do this method and split the “get rid of” pile into garbage and donations.
  3. Have a friend or family member help you. It is much easier to get rid of someone else’s stuff. When my daughters come over I usually find myself weeding out more things than I would if I was going it alone.
  4. Pay a professional. There are professionals who you can pay to come and go through your things. This can be an extreme but sometimes an extreme solution is just what is in order.

Whatever it takes, whether you do it in one big day or in small bite sized pieces, one room at a time. The more you get rid of the extra stuff, the more free you will feel. The weight will be lifted off you shoulders. I know a wise young man. Everything he owns will fit in his car. This may be an extreme amount of pairing down for most, but for him, this is the ultimate way to live. He is free to pick up and go anywhere and at any time.

No one can tell you how much stuff is the right amount of stuff for you. For starters, try just keeping enough to feel safe but not weighed down. When you bring something new into your home then get rid of something old. If you know someone who needs something more than you do, gift it to them! You may be surprised to find how free you feel.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you! May you find your load light and your spirit free, as if by magic.

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My Gypsy Life

My life is nomadic. I am here and there and everywhere. I travel for work almost every week. I love to travel. Being in a different place, meeting people with different traditions, and seeing how others live; is a fascinating adventure for me. The New Oxford Dictionary describes a gypsy as a nomadic or free-spirited person. This is me to a tee! 

Despite traveling 4 days a week for work, my Husband and I often set out on mini adventures on the weekends. It may simply involve hooking up to our ever-ready pop-up camper and driving across the State or flying somewhere for a quick weekend getaway. Our boat in Florida also provides us with another option to be on the move, especially in the winter months. I hear people talk about the joys of sleeping in their own beds. This is not true for me. I sleep much better when I am on the go. IMG_1121

Traveling to other countries is something I hope to do more of. I have traveled to 20 different countries and have 2-3 more on the agenda coming up soon. In fact, I may be in another country as you are reading this! Traveling to places where people live very differently than us gives me insight into how things can be done other ways. It teaches me that our way, may not be the right way or only way. There is usually more than one way to solve problems, live life, and have experiences. Not only does travel outside of my comfort zone teach me about others, but it also teaches me about myself. When I traveled to India, I learned a lot about India and the way people live there. I learned even more about me. I learned how the things I was seeing and learning affected me. I felt shifts in my opinions and I felt that trip helped me grow as a person. It enhanced me. 

While hiking through the woods today, my Husband was sharing with me how the land in this part of Wisconsin was formed. He told me the hills were formed by a large river that used to flow high above theses current banks, as it went, it deposited sediment that became the hills that were now covered by trees around us. When I was in elementary school; Geology and History did not interest me. Now as I explore these new places, the history of the land and people fascinate me. Traveling helps these things come to life for me. Tasting new foods, hearing local music, and experiencing old local traditions creates a sensory smorgasbord of learning. I feel travel is a wonderful way for people of all ages to learn. 

I love the romantic image of gypsies traveling in their wagon pulled by horses. Making their way across the land, telling fortunes, cooking over the open flames, and living a happy carefree life. Perhaps in a past life I was a gypsy; it is certainly a lifestyle that resinates with me. To me Home is not a place, for me, home is carried in my heart. It is with me wherever I lay my head down at night. I love my gypsy life and I am so happy that I have a life partner that feels the call of new and exciting destinations to travel to with me as well. 

Thank you for reading my blog today. May your life feel free and be the life of your dreams, as if by magic.

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