The Burden of Having Stuff; 4 Ways to Lighten Your Load

It has recently come to my attention what a burden having things can be. Do you have a lot of stuff? Do you feel safe, because you have all of it, or does it weigh you down? I used to be afraid to get rid of stuff because I thought I might need it. The energy of keeping all this stuff can sometimes be more burdensome than having to repurchase it. Do you have an emotional attachment to stuff? This can also cause difficultly.

There are lots of different techniques out there to to help you clean out your stuff. Here are a few I have heard about.

  1. According to the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, the way to declutter is to only keep items that give you joy.  If they don’t give you joy, get rid of them.
  2. The 3 container method. This is where you separate stuff into a keep, get rid of, and emotional attachment box. I usually use 4 when I do this method and split the “get rid of” pile into garbage and donations.
  3. Have a friend or family member help you. It is much easier to get rid of someone else’s stuff. When my daughters come over I usually find myself weeding out more things than I would if I was going it alone.
  4. Pay a professional. There are professionals who you can pay to come and go through your things. This can be an extreme but sometimes an extreme solution is just what is in order.

Whatever it takes, whether you do it in one big day or in small bite sized pieces, one room at a time. The more you get rid of the extra stuff, the more free you will feel. The weight will be lifted off you shoulders. I know a wise young man. Everything he owns will fit in his car. This may be an extreme amount of pairing down for most, but for him, this is the ultimate way to live. He is free to pick up and go anywhere and at any time.

No one can tell you how much stuff is the right amount of stuff for you. For starters, try just keeping enough to feel safe but not weighed down. When you bring something new into your home then get rid of something old. If you know someone who needs something more than you do, gift it to them! You may be surprised to find how free you feel.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you! May you find your load light and your spirit free, as if by magic.

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