Mastering Manifesting: a series

Manifestation! You hear a lot about it these days. Emy and I have become practiced at it over the last several years. It was 2007 when I first stumbled across the book, The Secret. It changed my life, my thoughts, and my world. Suddenly anything was possible. I find that it is a subject that often comes up in my blogs, so I have decided to write a series about manifestation.

I remember hearing Louis L Hay say; she was getting green lights and the parking spots and thought she was pretty cool. That is a great place to start but there is so much more to manifesting, than just that, which Louis and many other spiritual teachers learned over the years. It is fun and very affirming when you see the little things work. You can manifest a lot of “stuff” too. Getting the “things” you want is very fun. How about making your dreams come true, healing the earth, and having a harmonious life? How does that sound? Would you like all of that? I too started with green lights and parking spots but my current work is on harmonious relationships.

I am living the life of my dreams. Which spurs me on to find bigger and better dreams. I also want to heal the earth! While my Adventure Sister, Emy, works to heal the earth through political activism, I intend to do it through positive thinking. One of the important things about manifesting is not to say “how” the result will appear. You place the intention and allow it to comes into being however the Universe decides to send it to you. Perhaps Emy’s activism will be how the Universe delivers healing to the earth or perhaps it will be some other way that I can not even begin to imagine. Luckily I don’t have to figure that out. I just have to set the intention and trust that it will be delivered!

I have written several blogs that address manifesting already. I want to share these with you along with more about what Emy and I have learned about manifesting.

One great way to start manifesting is to create a vision board. There are techniques you can use to make your vision board more powerful. A vision board is a great starting place for new manifesters and a way to increase your effectiveness for experienced manifesters. You can “see” what  you want.

On New Years, I do not write resolutions, instead I list what I want to manifest in the New Year. It takes the pressure away from setting the intention to have a wonderful, productive year of growth and improved life.

Gratitude is an important part of manifestation. The more we are grateful for, the more the Universe brings us to be grateful for! Gratitude carries a high vibration which the Universe loves to respond to with more and more blessings. There is so much in our lives to be grateful for. 

Manifesting was also a big part of finding love in my life again. You can read more about that journey here. I also had to work through my past and be ready for my perfect partner.

When manifesting, you act as if it is true…even if you do not believe it. “I have plenty of time and endless energy”. There may be a voice in your head that says; “no way”. Some times we do not even believe we are worthy of having our dreams coming true. As we chase happiness we have to trust that the Universe will only send us what is good and right for us right now. Be willing to reach out and take what the Universe offers. 

Setting goals is another type of manifesting. It is telling the Universe where you intend to get to.

I chose the picture of the Eiffel Tower for this blog because that was a manifestation too. My husband and I took our honeymoon in Italy. On the way home we had a layover in Paris. I remember thinking that I wished I could have a night in Paris on our honeymoon. Well the Universe delivered. Our plane out of Rome was late and we missed our connection in Paris. The Airline gave us a hotel room and credits for food. We found a taxi driver who spoke English and for a flat fee, took us to see and take pictures of all the most popular sites in Paris. It was a one night whirlwind tour and an amazing adventure. Never underestimate the power of the Universe to deliver your dreams to you. Keep your thoughts positive even in the face of missed and canceled flights or other such events and you will suddenly notice that you are living the life of your dreams.

What future topics would you like to see on Manifesting? What tips would you like to share? Do you have a blog on manifesting? Is there an important piece of information that I may have missed sharing? Feel free to add it to the comments. Let’s teach everyone to live the life of their dreams!

Happy manifesting friends! Thank you for reading my blog today. May you live the life of your dreams today and always!

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5 of My Favorite Places

I simply love to travel. My blessed life and amazing job has given me the opportunity to travel quite a bit. I have loved every trip and every new destination. There are, however, some that are my favorites. These are places I would like to go back to again and again. My husband and I were planning some new trips and this caused me to reflect on some of my favorite places.
1. The Pacific Northwest. I am enchanted with this part of the country. Its volcanic mountains and giant tree filled mossy forests make for stunning scenery. The area is a rain forest and so magical. You can imagine fairies and gnomes peaking at you from amongst the branches. The Portland Saturday Market is full of interesting and talented artisans. Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center provides a unique experience in the mountains and the opportunity to go within while there.
2. Ireland. This is another magical place. Here the gnomes are replaced by leprechauns. The people of Ireland are amazing. I felt so welcome while I was there. The Burren Perfumery has beautiful gardens where you are free to wander. They grow their own plants to make the perfume. The small windy roads of the Irish countryside pass by castle ruins with sheep grazing on the grounds. It was in Ireland that I saw my first real waterfall after a long delightful hike.
3. Florence Italy. It is stunning to be walking down the street and all of a sudden there are sculptures you saw in your art history text books. The history and the art is breathtaking. While there, we were able to see Michelangelo’s David. Words cannot describe how I felt when I saw this masterpiece. The food was also quite good. Affordable authentic Italian food was plentiful and we did not have one bad meal.
4. BWCA (Boundary Water Canoe Area). If you follow my blog you have heard of this before. Untamed wilderness, very few people, and the serene beauty of the area make this a yearly destination. I have a passion for the forest and when that forest involves camping, overlooking a quiet lake and paddling tranquil water ways, it makes for an even better experience. Sitting around the campfire at night listening to the wolves howl in the distance is a harmonious lullaby.
5. Cocoa Beach Florida. There is nothing quite like laying on the beach in the sun and listening to the waves lap the shore. It can be very meditative. I learned quickly to respect the sun’s powerful energy. Drinking lots of fluids and seek shade so as not to get burned. I lived in Florida for 10 years and it still feels like home to me. I enjoy the heat and humidity. It feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket to me. Traveling more inland the vegetation changes. When I see the Spanish Moss on the old Live Oaks it gives me a whimsical feeling.
There are so many places I loved visiting. To many trips to share all of them here today. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Perhaps they will inspire you to plan a trip in the New Year. Get out of your comfort zone and go someplace new. My bucket list is bursting at the seams with yet to be taken trips. New favorites await!
What are some of your favorite places? Why do they make the top of your list?