Transforming Fear

Why are you afraid? Really, why? Think deeply on this question. The question is not what do you fear. The question is why are you afraid? What is beneath that fear? What is the cause of this fear? It is not as simple as you may think.

You may feel you are afraid of not having what you need. That is fair to be afraid of. But why do you fear that? Which of your needs do you fear will be unmet? Is there another way to meet that need? Can you think of how it might be alright?

Once you understand why you are afraid of certain things you are more able to shift the energy of that to a more positive vibration. It may take sometime and work but eventually you can make this a habit. Eventually this will be your goto. Eventually, when you become afraid, you can ask yourself why and then quickly come up with ways it could be okay. It does not matter if the ways it could be okay even come true or not. It could be quite out of this world ways that it could be okay. What is important is that the energy is shifted.

Once the energy shift occurs within you, it vibrates out into the world and you help to shift the energy to the whole collective consciousness. Do you understand this? Does this make sense to you? We do not think you truly understand how much power you have.

How you feel is so much more that just how you feel. It affects the world. Of course your feelings are justified and if you do not acknowledge those feelings they cannot truly be transformed. They will just be covered up. Acknowledge what you feel. It does not matter if you judge it to be good or bad. Just acknowledge it. Once you have acknowledged it, then you can ask more questions and shift it to a more positive vibration.

Just think how amazing it would feel to know with a smile, with a laugh, with a fond memory; you can help heal the planet and help heal those vibrations that have caused so many to feel fear and have anxiety. Did you know you had such power?

It does not matter if you are all alone or surrounded by others. Your vibration will go out into the world and make a difference. Smile, Laugh, meditate, dance around and be silly. Think of ways it could all work out. Really think of ways it could all be okay.

Do not stay stuck in how it is now or how it may not be okay. Shift into a world of possibilities.

Channeled from one Divine soul to another.

I  love you!

Was It Worth It For the Story?

Have you ever had something happen to you that was not  great but, in the end, became such a story with friends that it took on a life of its own? It became legendary? My husband and I had one such thing happen to us this last Spring. It has since made for a great story and taken on much of a life of its own among our friends. Although it was bad, a violation of our property and sense of safety, I am going to say it may have been worth it for the story. Not saying that I would every want it to happen again. 

It started on Mother’s Day. We had decided to go to the zoo to celebrate the day and spend time together. A picnic lunch had been planned and prepared. We were packing up the car. My husband was on his second trip to the car with supplies when he stopped. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”, he exclaimed. I was completely focused on getting us on the way to zoo and making sure we had everything and had noticed nothing different. 

“What?”, I asked him. 

“Someone stole our fire pit!”.

I looked at the patio we had finished the previous summer. Our lawn furniture was there but the table, with a built in propane burning fire pit in the center, was gone. It was a sunny Sunday morning. He swore it had been there on his first trip out to the car 20 minutes earlier. Someone (likely 2 people, because of its size and weight) had pulled up and made off with our fireplace table and propane tank in broad daylight. While we were up and moving around and even outside.

The feeling of violation was horrible. Wondering what else might be taken in the future was terrible. That this could or would happen was shocking. Marty bought cables and locks and started chaining everything down. We did replace the fire pit and it is chained up now. More than our fire pit, they stole our sense of safety and security. In the end we were grateful no one was hurt. It was just a thing after all.

I posted the story on social media. I asked that everyone pray or send intentions that the perpetrators life will improve, in such a way, that acts like these we no longer seem necessary for them. I joked that someone’s mother got a very nice Mother’s Day gift. 

The story has since taken on a life of its own. Our friends often mention it. They will make jokes about it, post picture of themselves in our backyard when we are not home, and act surprised when they stop by and its replacement is still there. The missing fire pit has cause much amusement for many people. I am in no way condoning theft. I would not want this to happen to us (or anyone) ever again. Sometimes (though) you have to laugh or else you cry. The amusement and jokes that have since come out of this have; maybe, just maybe, made it worth it for the story. 

Try and find the good or at least the amusing, in all things, as if by magic. I love you! Thanks for reading my blog.

*Picture was take in our front yard.

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