Love! Love is all there is. In times of uncertainty cling to that love. Love of others, family and friends will be your anchor. Then learn to love those you do not know. Send love out into the universe to all your brothers and sisters everywhere, around the globe and beyond.

Now it gets a little harder. Send love to your enemies. You do not have to love the things they did that hurt you or hurt others, but send them love anyway. They are a pure soul underneath it all. If you cannot send love to them as they are now, send love to the pure sweet little baby they entered the world as. Before life had brought them to make the decisions that you disagree with. That is their path and it is not up to us to judge it. It is not right or wrong, It just is. Send them love because love is the only energy that can heal. Love is the only energy that can change/improve things. Love will bring us all into the light.

Finally, and this will be the hardest one for you, send love to yourself. Send love to the bright Divine light that lives within you. Send love to the pure soul you are for all eternity. Send love to the damaged child we all have been. Send unconditional love to yourself, knowing that you are doing the very best you can right now. Remember that you are safe and you are loved. We urgently want you to hear this message. It is important that you send love to everyone and everything, but mostly to yourself; for love is truly all there is. Everything else is an illusion.

There is so much love here for you on this plane and from the spiritual plane; you can not even begin to fathom the amount of love that surrounds you, rocks you and supports you!

Open your heart to receive it all.

Channeled from One Divine Soul to Another

I love you!

Protect Me, Open My Heart

“Protect me, open my heart and I will be free.” This is the refrain from a pretty Kundalini Yoga song called “Aad Guray”: by Nirinjan Kaur. I absolutely love this phrase! It says so much to me. This song pops up as the first song in my iTunes account and I sing loudly and poorly with the refrain every time.

The idea of opening our hearts to others can be so scary. So starting this by first asking for protection, to open the heart, is brilliant. Protect me, keep me safe, while I open my heart and share my love with everyone. Such a vulnerable thing to do. I feel like the idea of opening my heart while being protected really is the definition of freedom. I can love everyone then. I can love that person who hurt me. I can love the person who may not be a safe bet to love. I can love the difficult person. I can love strangers.

Understand I do not think all this free sharing of love, means we put up with abuse. It is okay to love someone from afar. It is okay to send love to someone without getting mixed up in the drama of their life. I find that to truly protect myself, this is sometimes necessary. I also have learned that sending love to someone who has hurt me or someone I love, is often the best way to change the situation. It seems like; once I open up my heart and send love (from afar) the situation seems to defuse. When I hold fear, anger or even hate in my heart; my negative feelings are rewarded with negative events.

When we know we are protected, we free safe. When we feel safe, we are more likely to to be able to send love to those who bump up against our lives. Is asking for protection enough? I personally like to enhance the, asking for protection, with some “setting the intention of protection” and visualizing a white light around my heart. The white light is the Divine Energy of Pure Love. It is all around. Pull that energy around your heart and use it to create a force field to allow the love out but no hurt in.

I challenge you to open your heart, surrounded by protection and set yourself free. Let us know what experiences you have had with this in the past and as you step into the future and try it anew.

Thank you for reading my blog today. May you feel free to love safely, as if by magic.

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