What Does Winter Solstice Mean to Me?

Winter Solstice occurs on Dec 21st. This is the shortest day of the year. In Minnesota, where I live, the sun will rise just before 8am and set by 4:30pm that afternoon, leaving us just over 8 and a half hours of sunlight.  This may seem like a strange thing to celebrate, but our ancestors did celebrate it. Just as they celebrated the Summer Solstice in June. Let me share with you what this day means to me.

Winter Solstice is the celebration of the return of the Sun. After this date, the days (amount of sunlight) will begin to grow in length. This is why Christians decided to celebrate Jesus’s birthday at this time of the year, the return of the Son. Back in a time when there were no electric lights, it must have been a great thing to know that the amount of daylight would soon increase in length.

For me Solstice means:

  • Hope: I realize that we have turned the corner and are heading for more light and the return of warmer days. If the cycles of life provide for improved daylight ratios, as well improved temperatures, why would I not believe that anything and everything else can improve too. For me Winter Solstice is a celebration of Hope.
  • Duality: There is also Summer Solstice that is the longest day of the year. Duality exists in all aspects of our life. There are times to cry and times to celebrate. Dark times and light times. Time to play and time to work, as well as a time to be young and a time to be old.
  • Patience: The seeds are laying dormant under the earth. They are patiently waiting for spring when they can stretch and start to grow. Everything has a season and this is a season of waiting.
  • Reflection: This is the time of year to go within and learn more deeply who we are, What can we change about ourselves and what should we embrace.
  • Strength: A strong will is required to survive the winters of old. To me, Solstice is also a celebration of the ‘force of will’ to persevere through the cold and dark winter months, knowing that in time, the sun will return.
  • Rest: The fields lay dormant. The work is done until the snow melts and the seeds are ready to be tended. Of course this is no longer the reality for most of us. We work just as hard in the winter, but the quiet dark days encourage us to rest.
  • Purity: The white blanket that covers the earth in the part of the world where I live, makes me think of purity. The white snow glistens when the sun shines on it. We are all pure. We are all worthy of love. We are good. We are enough.
  • Family: Because of all of the gatherings of family and friends (that feel like family) at this time of year, I feel Solstice also symbolizes this love. That warm feeling you get in the heart when you think of those you are bonded too.

Whatever this time of year means to you, I wish you a very Happy Winter Solstice. Look forward to the Sun returning and the daylight hours stretching in length. Be still within yourself and allow this time of year to reveal its personal meaning to you. It is a magical time of year.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you. May the cycles of life give you comfort, as if by magic.

*Photo was taken in Brentwood, TN.

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The Longest Day of the Year!

Today is Summer Solstice.  This has a lot of different meaning for different people. It is the day when the sun remains in the the sky the longest during the year. Tonight, children will beg their parents to stay up later. They will tell their folks; it is not dark yet so surely bedtime has not arrived.

The long awaited first day of summer is what I remember from my childhood. Although summer weather often arrived well before summer’s official first day; it felt official when this day appeared on the calendar. Originally this was a pagan holiday celebrating the sun. In ancient time, when the sun meant life and survival it is easy to see how this was an important part in the wheel of the year. For me it is a time of great hope. The world around me is green and alive. Those things planted in the spring are starting to flourish. It is a time of hope and looking to the future for when the fruits of your labors are there for you. Life seems bright and happy. The weather is warm and being outside is welcoming. Anything seems possible. Today, the multiple projects on my plate do not seem to weigh me down but rather pick me up.

“There is a time in your life when the world is on your side” ~ Spencer Lee; “Still I Fly”

I intend to embrace and celebrate this solar energy to drive me forward. To help me jump ahead to the next stage of my life. What a lovely idea to have a little ceremony this month; to honor this energy of life and set intentions for what you hope to have in the Autumn of your life. This ceremony can look anyway you like. It could be quiet time outside listening to nature. It could involve writing your intentions on a piece of paper to burn in a fire. You can put your intentions on a leaf or a piece of bark and release it into the water. It may even involve walking or laying in the sun and feeling it’s warmth wash over you. Perhaps you have your own unique idea of how to commemorate this day. I would love to hear what you intend to do!

However you decide to set your intention, honoring this day or enjoy the extra hours of daylight, I hope you enjoy this magical day of hope.

Thank you for reading my blog today! I love you!

I wish you a lifetime of hope.