Gratitude: Mastering Manifesting Part 3 of the Series

Being grateful for the lives we have is an important part of manifesting. There is more to it than just that though. It is also being grateful for what we want. Here are three tips or ticks to help you make gratitude a part of your daily practice.

So, does it sound strange to you to be grateful for what you want but don’t have yet? It can feel a bit strange, but the emotions of how you will feel when you receive what you are asking for, is a powerful way to manifest. Let’s say you want an improved relationship with a family member. Focus on the gratitude and love you will have when you and that person work out your differences. By focusing on that emotion, our energy aligns with what we are wanting. Let’s say you feel you need a new car. When you think about the vehicle you want, jump for joy at the prospect of having it! Feel the gratitude and excitment flow through you for this new automobile which will soon be yours. Remember, even though your logical mind knows you don’t have it yet, that doesn’t matter. Keep the gratitude flowing as if you do own it.

Here are some tips to help you remember to be grateful for what you already have as well as being grateful for what is coming to you.

  1. Gratitude button or stone; something small you keep in your pocket. I like the idea of a stone because I really like stones and crystals. Every time you touch this item you think about something you are grateful for. We have our hands in and out of our pockets many times a day. So this can be a powerful way to get gratitude to be a daily part of your life. You can even raise the score and tell yourself you will think of 5 things every time you touch it. You get to make the rules for your life. Make it fun. You do not want stressful emotions associated with this.
  2. Gratitude journal. They actually sell these, but any notebook, journal or memo pad on your phone will do. I even have a journaling app on my phone that I can add a picture to each entry. However you do it, start by making a list of all the things you already have that you are grateful for. Then add the other items, experiences, feelings that are coming to you that you can be grateful for. This is another way to really get the gratitude moving through you. You will be surprised how many things you can think of. Some will be very small like I am glad I am able to write this today. Others may be huge like gratitude for a science report that shows improved water quality in the world. I like to get into a nice relaxed state before I start this exercise. Take some nice deep breaths. Feel your body resting comfortably on the chair, couch, bed, floor (wherever) and then begin.
  3. Incorporate it into other daily activities. Do you have a drive with many traffic lights? Every time you have to stop, make a list, mentally in your head. Do you eat lunch alone? With each bite, think of something you are grateful for. Really feel that gratitude while you chew your food. Are you a runner or do some other form of physical fitness? Incorporate gratitude into that time too.

These are just some ideas how you can incorporate more gratitude into your day. However you do it, keep that attitude of gratitude flowing. I am grateful for all of you who read my blog. Thank you! What do you do to keep gratitude a part of your life?

Happy manifesting friends! I wish for you abundance, excellent experiences, and magic to be grateful for!

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Blessings Beyond What Is Typical

We have an employee wellness program where I work. One of the wellness activities was to make a list of things we are thankful for. There are so many reason why we should focus on the items we are thankful for. It improves mood. What we think about, come about. We are more likely to be generous with others when we recognize the gifts in our own life. I am sure anyone reading this could immediately come up with many blessings we have in our life. But what of the things we take for granted? What of the things that are hidden blessings?

Immediately when thinking about what i am thankful for I go to the standard blessings. My 3 beautiful daughters and stepson, 4 grandchildren, supportive husband, my home, job, my Adventure Sister Emy, dear friends, smart coworkers, and the like. I live a blessed life. My life has always had a way of working out and having things fall into place for the best. Of course we all have different blessing. What I call blessings, others may not feel the same way about. I may have blessings others do not; they likely also have blessings I do not.

There are so many things that we take for granted that others would consider a true benefit. I have always been healthy and as such I have taken my health for granted. Recently when I broke my wrist and did not have the use of my dominate hand I learned appreciation for my right hand. Another thing I have always taken for granted is the mobility we have by living in an age where planes, trains, and automobiles are plentiful. I had an elderly patient tell me one time about when she was sick as a child. Her father had to put her in the back of the wagon or buggy and hitch it to horses. It took them two days to get her to the hospital for treatment. Additionally it was winter so wrapped up in warm blankets was her protection form the elements. I know she was grateful for getting to the hospital. How different is that from our lives today. Emy Minzel, my Adventure Sister, has a blog post coming soon on about another area we often don’t count as an blessing but it totally is. It should be on her blog by Jan 6th or 7th. I encourage you to look for it.

Hidden blessing are those things that do not seem like something to be glad for in the beginning. A teenage daughter coming home pregnant, can feel like the end of the world. After your grandchild is born, however, it can feel like the world is new and full of more love than you knew was possible. A divorce, can feel like everything is crumbling. It may take years of healing and mourning the loss of the marriage, but one day you may be ready to move on. The next marriage or relationship may be much healthier and more supportive. Or perhaps simply having a healthy self esteem and view of yourself will be the price at the end of the hard times. I once had a job that I loved. I decreased my hours to put family first. The owners made a decision to demote me and hire someone else into my position. At the time I felt so hurt and like such a failure. I quit that job and ended up in a much better job where there was more opportunity for advancement and better pay. Sometime God or the Universe conspires to bring us to better places, even though the path may be painful.

As I look out the window at a beautiful sunny day sparkling off the snow that blankets the backyard, I am grateful for the 3 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. After all it is 20 warmer than it was a few days ago and the sun is shining. Count your blessings, make a list of things you are thankful for, start a gratitude journal. What ever works to help keep your blessings in the front of your mind. Do not forget those things we take for granted and those times in life that turned out to be for the best, even if it didn’t feel like it at the time.

What hidden blessing have you had in your life? Have you had experiences you would like to share that made you realize something/someone you were taking for granted?

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