Transforming Fear

Why are you afraid? Really, why? Think deeply on this question. The question is not what do you fear. The question is why are you afraid? What is beneath that fear? What is the cause of this fear? It is not as simple as you may think.

You may feel you are afraid of not having what you need. That is fair to be afraid of. But why do you fear that? Which of your needs do you fear will be unmet? Is there another way to meet that need? Can you think of how it might be alright?

Once you understand why you are afraid of certain things you are more able to shift the energy of that to a more positive vibration. It may take sometime and work but eventually you can make this a habit. Eventually this will be your goto. Eventually, when you become afraid, you can ask yourself why and then quickly come up with ways it could be okay. It does not matter if the ways it could be okay even come true or not. It could be quite out of this world ways that it could be okay. What is important is that the energy is shifted.

Once the energy shift occurs within you, it vibrates out into the world and you help to shift the energy to the whole collective consciousness. Do you understand this? Does this make sense to you? We do not think you truly understand how much power you have.

How you feel is so much more that just how you feel. It affects the world. Of course your feelings are justified and if you do not acknowledge those feelings they cannot truly be transformed. They will just be covered up. Acknowledge what you feel. It does not matter if you judge it to be good or bad. Just acknowledge it. Once you have acknowledged it, then you can ask more questions and shift it to a more positive vibration.

Just think how amazing it would feel to know with a smile, with a laugh, with a fond memory; you can help heal the planet and help heal those vibrations that have caused so many to feel fear and have anxiety. Did you know you had such power?

It does not matter if you are all alone or surrounded by others. Your vibration will go out into the world and make a difference. Smile, Laugh, meditate, dance around and be silly. Think of ways it could all work out. Really think of ways it could all be okay.

Do not stay stuck in how it is now or how it may not be okay. Shift into a world of possibilities.

Channeled from one Divine soul to another.

I  love you!

Perseverance and Resilience

This morning, my husband Marty, was reading an article about millionaires and how they got to be financially abundant. Perseverance and resilience were the two things the author found they all had in common. Marty says his CEO likes to refer to this as “Grit.” This got me thinking. What does perseverance and resilience look like in our lives? How can these things help us get to the next level and transform ourselves?

As we were having the discussion about when it is time to transform ourselves; I felt pretty solid that we are in the process of doing that in our household. We are making healthier choices in many regards with healthier food, more activity, healthier thoughts (maintaining positive thinking), financial health (with our focus on budgeting and paying off debt), and finding spiritual events to attend that make us feel good and feel like a good fit for us. We are transforming ourselves. Then Marty brought up work. When it comes to our careers, are we making ourselves over or are we just doing what we have always done? This gave me pause. Am I continuing to transform myself when it comes to my career? How am I moving my work to the next level? When I focus specifically on my writing and speaking career, I know I am doing what I have always done. I have stretched a little and tried some new things, but in many ways, I am stagnant. As the year is drawing to a close, I need to ask myself how I can step it up. What changes can I make to help me move to that next level?

I think it is good for us to examine different parts of our lives from time to time. Look at those parts of your life where things have not changed for a while. Do you desire a change in this area or are you happy with the status quo? If you are happy and feel it needs no improvement, then no problem. But if you desire more; what will you do to move the ball forward, raise the bar, and push yourself into a new way of being? How will you step into the new year pushing yourself to be the best you? I am not talking New Year’s Resolutions. When have those ever worked for you? I am talking about becoming newly engaged in a certain part of your life. Newly committed to push past where you have been into being who you can be.

As we come into the next year, next month, next week, or next day, look at how you can embrace some perseverance and resilience to actively transform some part of your life that has been stagnant. Some part of your life that the status quo is no longer acceptable to you and will benefit from a fresh look or some new ideas. Go ahead, I dare you! You may be amazed what positive changes lay ahead for you.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you. May you attain great things, as if by magic!

*Photo was taken at Pula, Croatia

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