But, Just Think, What If?

Have you ever found a book, that so transformed your way of thinking, that you keep buying it to give away to others? I have one such book. It’s a children’s book. I was having an especially hard time letting go of some anger. I felt this person had not treated me right. My friend, Theresa, suggested that I read this book. It gave me a whole new perspective. I was able to see people who caused me pain in a new light.

The book was Neale Donald Walsch’s, The Little Soul and the Sun. Have you ever read it? If you have not, I highly recommend it. If you have not read it for awhile, you should read it again. My husband was lucky enough to get a live reading today. I got choked up reading it. It just touches me on such a deep level. The artwork in the book is stunning and the message is deep. The basic premise of the book relates to soul contracts. It shows, in a beautiful way, how souls make agreements with one another to “play” certain roles in their human experiences. By doing this each being gets the opportunity to try on different masks.

One of my very favorite lines in the book is when God is talking to the little soul. He says to him, “Always remember: I have sent you nothing but angels.” What a thought! What if we thought about the person who cuts us off in traffic as an angel? That person, who took credit for your project at work, they are an angel too. How about your ex, who did that unforgivable thing? Yes, they are an angel too. It really changes the way you look at the world. If you think about those people you are holding resentment, hate, or bitterness towards as a perfect creation of Love, maybe you can forgive them. Maybe you can move on.

There are people in this world who do really terrible things to other people. I am as human as anyone else. I do not condone these acts, in any way. But just for a moment, what if we thought that we had signed a contract to have that very bad thing done to us. It would give us an opportunity to experience and grow from it. Learn from it. I know there are people reading this thinking I am crazy. How can I think that these terrible things could be part of a spiritual experience. But, just think, what if? How does that change everything?

The premise in the book is kind of like the idea that a fish doesn’t know what water is. It is surrounded by it, but only through having a lack of it, could the fish a truly appreciation the water that surrounds it. We would not appreciate what we have if we had not experienced not having it. If everyone and everything is the perfect energetic embodiment of Love, then how could we truly appreciate that? We would need to have experienced it’s opposite.

I hope I have fairly illustrated this touching book through this post. Please give the story a chance. May you be able, at least some of the time, to look at the person who is making you mad and remember that they are an angel. “‘Always remember,’ God had smiled, “I have sent you nothing but angels.”’

What are your thoughts? Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you heard of the concept of soul contracts? What emotions did this bring up for you? Have you read the book or do you plan to?

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