A Story of Remembering

I want to tell you a story. This might be a story of old or it might be the story of now. It is likely a story that has occurred countless times throughout history. It is a story of trust and a story of renewal, but most of all, it a story of remembering.

There was a young woman. She was a mother or she wasn’t. She had responsibilities as we all do. One day, as she was walking through the forest of life, she saw a path. This path was not into the light but rather was a path into the darkness. This path went deep into the forest and it looked very dangerous. It was jagged and had many curves. It would have been impossible to learn were the path would take her by simply looking. The darkness of this path called to her. It called to her and it pulled at her, although she knew pain and betrayal waited for her along this path, she felt oddly intrigued by it.

Now I have to tell you, this young woman had always been responsible. She had always done what had been asked of her, what was expected of her, and even more. Everyone in her tribe felt she was the perfect young woman. Every mother wanted to call her daughter. The older men all wanted to call her daughter and the younger men chased her to be their bride. She cared for the young and learned from the elderly. She was the definition of smart and responsible.

Despite her history, as such a stand up member of the community, the young woman felt she must walk this path. She had to voyage into the darkness, even though it meant walking away from her responsibilities. She had to risk being hurt and had to hurt those who had placed so much trust and pride in her. She stepped onto the path, dropping the baskets that she had brought into the forest, leaving them where they lay.

The path was arduous. She stumbled and fell many times. She met scary creatures who pretended to be her friends or help her, but in the end, they we leading her farther into the darkness. They hurt her, physically, emotionally, and separated her from the light. Sometimes she tried to find her way back but they kept pulling her deeper into the darkness. They kept pulling her further from who she had been. They caused her to feel like a completely different person. It did not take long before she forgot who she was. She forgot she was from the light and she believed she was a creature of the darkness.

This went on for many years. The village mourned her. They felt that she was lost to them forever. They feared she would never find her way back to the light. But one day, she stumbled into the village. She was wild and untamed. She was a mere shadow of the bright young woman who she had once been. The darkness hung all around her and her “friends” from there, watched from the shadows. They called to her and pulled at her.

There was something about the village that felt like home to her, although she could not really recall. The community did not trust her, they avoided her. They would not let her care for the young or spend time with the elderly. They did not want to claim her as they once did. When they tried to give her responsibilities she would wander off or never fulfill them. Even though she was back, they felt she was still lost. They still did not recognize her as the brave and ambitious woman she had once been.

One day the village wise woman (the witch) was working quietly on something. She had been watching all of this. She saw how the darkness pulled at the woman, but she also saw how the woman tried to resist the darkness. She knew something deep within the young woman wanted to live fully in the light again, but there was so much baggage from the darkness, she couldn’t seem to step away from it. It had become a part of her identity.

The witch touched her finger to the young woman’s brow. The place in front of where the third eye resides. “Remember” said the wise old woman, “remember who you are”. The young woman blinked at her elder. The darkness seemed to fall away. Her “friends” let go of their holds on her and slunk back onto the treacherous path. Light beamed all around the young woman and she suddenly did remember who she was.

From that day on she worked to gain the trust of her community. She became who she had been only better. She was wiser now. Having known the darkness and living among the darkness helped her better see how she belonged in the light. It helped her embrace and enjoy her responsibilities. She become one others looked to for wisdom, for she had lived what they could never imagine and returned to the light.

Time would pass and worlds would change. The young woman would become the witch in the future. The wise woman would become the young woman again. This story would continue to unfold throughout history over and over again. Is this your story? It is my story. It is many peoples’ story. Forgive yourself for the time in the darkness. It was a part of your journey. It is done or nearly done now. You are wiser for it. Remember who you are! Remember that you are of the light!

Thank you for ready no my blog today! May you remember your true nature, as if by magic!

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What is Family?

We all know that our family is our blood relatives, right? Not always. There is our family we were born with (or adopted into) but there is also our chosen family. Those people who are part of our soul group. They feel familiar and we love being around them. 

I have an amazing blood family. My Grandmother helped teach me to understand who I am. I have parents who are generous and helpful. All three of the Daughters are strong, loving, and kind. The Grandchildren are adorable and teach me new things daily by their freedom to be themselves. My Brother is full of helpful advice, even though he is younger, it seems he often experiences things in life sooner than I do. I also have a beautiful Niece and great grand Nephew who are a joy to be around. 

On top of this I have married into another spectacular family. If angels live human lives on earth; my Husband is definitely one of them. I am blessed with a Stepson who has artistic gifts and a charismatic personality. My Brother-in-law truly cares about his Mother, Brother and Nephew, he is smart and full of arcaic facts about history. My Mother-in-law is an example to all woman how to continue to live your life, even after you have lost the love of your life. 

But what of those people who “feel” like family. Emy, my Adventure Sister, and I have a special bond. There are many such people in our lives and sometimes we may even be closer to those family members, that we adopt, as we go through life. I recently was on a business trip and met another member of my soul group. As soon as we met, we knew, we had a connection. It is such a cool and amazing thing to be bopping through your life and suddenly you run into someone who feels familiar. You start talking and pretty soon you don’t even realize that you, and this person, have not known each other for all of your life. I believe that this is because they’re a part of your soul tribe. In my belief system, they are someone you have been with in past lives before. So it is with Emy and I. We have been sisters in many past lives. I have another friend who is very dear to me and he has been my Father in at least two past lives and my Brother in one. Have you had this type of experience? Have you met someone who you just clicked with so easily? 

This was one of my requirements for finding my husband. I wanted that instant click. When he and I met we termed it “the best first date ever” because we were both so natural and comfortable with each other. Those people are out there for all of us to find. Those we’ve gone around with before. Have you met them yet? 

I wish you a lifetime of finding people you connect with on a deep level and finding that one that just “clicks!” Thank you for reading my blog today. 

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But, Just Think, What If?

Have you ever found a book, that so transformed your way of thinking, that you keep buying it to give away to others? I have one such book. It’s a children’s book. I was having an especially hard time letting go of some anger. I felt this person had not treated me right. My friend, Theresa, suggested that I read this book. It gave me a whole new perspective. I was able to see people who caused me pain in a new light.

The book was Neale Donald Walsch’s, The Little Soul and the Sun. Have you ever read it? If you have not, I highly recommend it. If you have not read it for awhile, you should read it again. My husband was lucky enough to get a live reading today. I got choked up reading it. It just touches me on such a deep level. The artwork in the book is stunning and the message is deep. The basic premise of the book relates to soul contracts. It shows, in a beautiful way, how souls make agreements with one another to “play” certain roles in their human experiences. By doing this each being gets the opportunity to try on different masks.

One of my very favorite lines in the book is when God is talking to the little soul. He says to him, “Always remember: I have sent you nothing but angels.” What a thought! What if we thought about the person who cuts us off in traffic as an angel? That person, who took credit for your project at work, they are an angel too. How about your ex, who did that unforgivable thing? Yes, they are an angel too. It really changes the way you look at the world. If you think about those people you are holding resentment, hate, or bitterness towards as a perfect creation of Love, maybe you can forgive them. Maybe you can move on.

There are people in this world who do really terrible things to other people. I am as human as anyone else. I do not condone these acts, in any way. But just for a moment, what if we thought that we had signed a contract to have that very bad thing done to us. It would give us an opportunity to experience and grow from it. Learn from it. I know there are people reading this thinking I am crazy. How can I think that these terrible things could be part of a spiritual experience. But, just think, what if? How does that change everything?

The premise in the book is kind of like the idea that a fish doesn’t know what water is. It is surrounded by it, but only through having a lack of it, could the fish a truly appreciation the water that surrounds it. We would not appreciate what we have if we had not experienced not having it. If everyone and everything is the perfect energetic embodiment of Love, then how could we truly appreciate that? We would need to have experienced it’s opposite.

I hope I have fairly illustrated this touching book through this post. Please give the story a chance. May you be able, at least some of the time, to look at the person who is making you mad and remember that they are an angel. “‘Always remember,’ God had smiled, “I have sent you nothing but angels.”’

What are your thoughts? Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you heard of the concept of soul contracts? What emotions did this bring up for you? Have you read the book or do you plan to?

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What comes after the last breath?


Have you wondered what happens when we die? As a hospice nurse I have spent a lot of time thinking about death. I have been with many people as they take their last breath. I have read books about what comes next. I also have had experiences that have lead me to have suspicions about what comes next.

My grandfather had a near death experience. His heart stopped. The medical team worked quickly to revive him. A call went out to my grandmother in the middle of the night, to let her know she should come and be with her husband immediately. While all of this action transpired my grandfather said he floated peacefully toward the light. He described the same light others have talked about. He described a feeling of utter peace. To my grandmother’s dismay, he said he didn’t want to come back from it.

I have been with many people as they have taken their last breaths. I believe that we do not go alone. I have seen them having conversations with someone/something that I can not see in the room. I have seen them looking up at the corners of the ceiling. I like to believe they are seeing angels. I have heard them describe visits from people who have died before them. I have seen them reach out, as if to someone, just before they take their last breath. I have even seen them petting a long gone pooch who I do not see in the room, but they believe to be there.

I have read a couple books about what comes next. They are not your typical heaven or hell stories. Letters from the Afterlife by Elsa Barker tells the story of a woman who started to get messages from the other side. This book was written in 1914 and is a very interesting read. Journey of the Souls by Michale Newton is another interesting read. Michael is PH.D. counselor and hypnotherapist. He, accidentally at first, regressed people to the time between their lives. The book is full of case studies and Michael’s theories of what happens to us when we leave our body. Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani is on my list of books to read. This is a book about a woman with terminal cancer and her near death and ultimate healing experience.

I have had past life regressions done as a healing modality. From the experience I had during the regressions, I do believe the soul moves from lifetime to lifetime. I have met people who, although they are strangers in this lifetime, I know on a soul level. Emy Minzel, Adventure Sister is one such person. Our connection was fast upon meeting and beyond any other explanation. We have surely been sisters in other lifetimes.

I believe in the eternal nature of the soul. I believe from things I have experienced, the people I have been with as their souls have slipped out of their bodies, and books I have read, that this earthly journey is not the end of us. I believe it is a part of our course. I believe it is a part of the experience and the lessons. I do not truly know what comes next. What do you believe comes next? Do you believe in reincarnation? I am interested to hear your thoughts.