What comes after the last breath?


Have you wondered what happens when we die? As a hospice nurse I have spent a lot of time thinking about death. I have been with many people as they take their last breath. I have read books about what comes next. I also have had experiences that have lead me to have suspicions about what comes next.

My grandfather had a near death experience. His heart stopped. The medical team worked quickly to revive him. A call went out to my grandmother in the middle of the night, to let her know she should come and be with her husband immediately. While all of this action transpired my grandfather said he floated peacefully toward the light. He described the same light others have talked about. He described a feeling of utter peace. To my grandmother’s dismay, he said he didn’t want to come back from it.

I have been with many people as they have taken their last breaths. I believe that we do not go alone. I have seen them having conversations with someone/something that I can not see in the room. I have seen them looking up at the corners of the ceiling. I like to believe they are seeing angels. I have heard them describe visits from people who have died before them. I have seen them reach out, as if to someone, just before they take their last breath. I have even seen them petting a long gone pooch who I do not see in the room, but they believe to be there.

I have read a couple books about what comes next. They are not your typical heaven or hell stories. Letters from the Afterlife by Elsa Barker tells the story of a woman who started to get messages from the other side. This book was written in 1914 and is a very interesting read. Journey of the Souls by Michale Newton is another interesting read. Michael is PH.D. counselor and hypnotherapist. He, accidentally at first, regressed people to the time between their lives. The book is full of case studies and Michael’s theories of what happens to us when we leave our body. Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani is on my list of books to read. This is a book about a woman with terminal cancer and her near death and ultimate healing experience.

I have had past life regressions done as a healing modality. From the experience I had during the regressions, I do believe the soul moves from lifetime to lifetime. I have met people who, although they are strangers in this lifetime, I know on a soul level. Emy Minzel, Adventure Sister is one such person. Our connection was fast upon meeting and beyond any other explanation. We have surely been sisters in other lifetimes.

I believe in the eternal nature of the soul. I believe from things I have experienced, the people I have been with as their souls have slipped out of their bodies, and books I have read, that this earthly journey is not the end of us. I believe it is a part of our course. I believe it is a part of the experience and the lessons. I do not truly know what comes next. What do you believe comes next? Do you believe in reincarnation? I am interested to hear your thoughts.


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