What do Elsa and Anna have to teach us? 

Could we learn something from a children’s movies? Could we learn to let go and love unconditionally? I have recently been reading The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer. In the book he talks about letting emotions go. Just letting them roll through you, noticing them, and having no attachment to them. Years ago when I was first starting my spiritual journey I read the book, The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin. The idea is similar. It is about not holding on to those old emotions but rather letting them go.

All this talk of Letting go brings to mind the Disney movie Frozen. Could there be a spiritual message in this children’s movie? Well of course, spiritual messages can come from anywhere. In the movie Elsa has been holding on to all kinds of emotions of loss, self doubt, and hiding who she really is. Finally having enough she lets it all go and feels free. This freedom hurts the person who loves her the most. She has to learn how to repair the relationship with her sister. She eventually figures out that love is the only way to thaw the coldness between her and Anna.

As we let go of emotions, they will not effect us in the same way as they affect our friends and family, who are attached to their emotions. I remember in the Sedona Method Hale says how some people even have a sense of being “special” because of a bad thing that has happened to them. When I first read that, it struck me by surprise. Once I looked back at my life I could see how I was holding on to some of those traumatic experiences, because I was proud that I had gotten through them. This will make people more inclined to hold onto emotions, even ones that do not allow them to feel good. As we let go of these lower vibration emotions we will began to move out of the same energetic space as some of the people around us. With love we can bridge that gap. I feel a part of love is acceptance. When we allow ourselves to accept and love others in the space they are in, we are freed.

If you have more interest in learning about letting go of emotions I recommend either The Sedona Method or The Untethered Soul. I see the Sedona Method as more of a “how to” book, while The Untethered Soul is more of a lesson about becoming conscious. Both books have helped me along my journey. If you would like to comment more on either of these books or contribute, please feel free to comment below.


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