10 Steps to Get Stuff Done!

Do you ever have those days that you feel blah and you just have no get up and go. There are plenty of things you could be doing, maybe even things you feel you”should” be doing. How do you push past this and get moving?

1. Allow yourself to rest. Maybe you just need a break. Take some time for yourself. Go sit in the garden with a cup of tea or take a hot bath with a great novel.

2. Make a list. I personally love lists, just ask my kids! I love being able to mark things off. I use an orange pen or highlighter to mark off what is done. Orange is a color that helps you feel productive.

3. Try doing something easy. Once you have a list to work with, pick the small things, so you can mark something off. That way it’s a quick win. You could even put “make list” on the list so you have something to mark off right away.

4. Start with something you enjoy. Sometimes starting with the creative project, or at least a task that seems fun, will help you get up and get moving.

5. Turn on some music! When I have tasks, such as cleaning that do not require a lot of thinking, I like fast paced music played at a higher volume. If I am doing something that I need to concentrate on, I like quiet, more peaceful music. I find it helps me focus to play tunes.

6. Choose a reward. How many things do you need to get done in order to get a treat? Pick smaller rewards for smaller numbers of items completed and have a grand prize at the end of the list. (Although having everything done and off you plate may be reward enough).

7. Clean or organize your space. If you have a clean and organized space to work from, your mind will also be less distracted and cluttered.

8. Stay hydrated. You will feel better and will find your brain is better lubricated. Plus, if you keep sipping on some water, you will have to go to the bathroom which will…

9. Keep you moving and give you little breaks while working to check off your tasks.

10. Celebrate! Hooray you did it! Brag about all you accomplished; post it on social media, tell your friends or celebrate with a family meal at the end of the day.

It is amazing how quickly the momentum can get going and suddenly you will notice you don’t feel so blah any more.

Have fun checking off those tasks my friends. I wish you a life full of completed “to do” lists!


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