What is Given, Must Be Given Away Again

In our culture, re-gifting can sometimes be looked on as rude. We tend to believe that we must cling to things. If we like something, we think we must possess it. I notice it when I see a type of tree I like, I wish it was in my yard, so I could “own” it. Why is it that we feel we must possess the things we appreciate?

I heard a story, several months ago, about a Native American Peace Pipe. What I heard was how one tribal leader would give it to another. That the pipe was not something to be possessed or even owned. It was to be given away again. So in this way the Peace Pipe was passed around and never really “belonged” to anyone. When the Europeans came the Indigenous people shared the Peace Pipe, in this same way with them, but were perplex when these newcomers kept the Pipe and did not pass it on or return it to the tribal leaders.

This story really made me think about many things in my life. I know I am a spiritual being and not of this world, but rather journeying through it. I know the “things” I possess now I cannot take with me when I leave. So why do I cling to “things”. What is it that makes me feel “safe” because I have stuff. Recently someone shared with me a method of cleaning things out that stems from a Japanese tradition. It is called KonMari and has to do with hold an item to you and if it gives you Joy, you keep it and if it does not, you get rid of it. I love the idea of this. Why would we keep something that doesn’t give us joy? As the co-author of a book called Lessons Through Joy, I have a fondness for Joy in my life.

I recently made a choice to step away from something in my life and part of the decision around this was related to baggage. When you go somewhere, how much stuff do you bring with you? Do you cling to material things to make you feel safe? I do this! When I travel I bring so much with me that my bags are heavy. Is all of this outer baggage really just a physical manifestation of the inner baggage? What would it take for you to feel safe enough to set down some of the bags? I am making an effort in my life to release some baggage, to feel safe and to appreciate something without needing to possess it.

I intend to voyage through the second half of my life a little lighter. Know that if I see something beautiful today, I can appreciate it in the “now” and not need to keep it forever. Instead, I can pass it on to others to appreciate. I can share freely, knowing I am safe and that I have all I need.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I wish you a lifetime of feeling safe, as if by magic. I love you.

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