Conversation with Emy

Today Adventure Sister Emy and I had a very good conversation. Like so many conversation that happen between Emy and myself it happened via text while Emy was working on things in Minnesota and I was commuting between returning my rental care and arriving at the Sea-Tac airport for my flight home. Life has become very busy lately for the Adventure Sisters, which is certainly it’s own type of adventure. We felt like there was wisdom involved in this conversation that could benefit many people. Conversation with Emy are always infused with colorful ways to describe situations and things. Even when we are feeling stressed or down we manage to find the humor in the situation. As you read this we are on our various trips. Emy in the BWCA and I am in a National Forest in Wisconsin. We are hopefully floating in the water, soaking up the sun, meditation, enjoying nature, and having some much needed alone time.  Enjoy the wisdom that came through via our conversation. 

Emy and I were discussing our week. I remember Emy sharing that her week had felt something like the passing a kidney stone. Emy has a great way of adding levity to stressful situations. The conversation started when I texted her about a term I heard in Mike Dooley’s book, Infinite Possibilities, Divinely Selfish Soul. Mike credited the term to Richard Bach’s book, Illusions. Emy and I sometime feel that by chasing our dreams to make them a reality we are being selfish. We do not always have the time or energy to give to our families, friends, or other commitments because of the business that comes with living our dreams. I loved the idea that my pursuits are divinely inspired and therefore any perceived selfishness is also divine. 

My last 3 months have been crazy busy and full of commitments that take up all of my time from sun up to sun down. Yesterday I worked from 5 am til 10 pm and still was not able to complete everything that needed to get done. The commitments in my life come from a variety of sources. For whatever reason right now, they feel like they are too much to handle. It is easy to focus on the stress, which makes me feel like throwing in the towel, lashing out at others, and looking for places to lay the blame. Emy’s campaign trail activities are putting similar stresses and demands on her. As our discussion continued I reflected that when I focus on the little joys, the way the things I do make a difference, and the connections I feel with those I meet, I am able to see the sun, be the light, and find my smile.  We embrace the mantra, “Work is fun all of the time”. And so it is. 

As I write this Emy and I are focusing on our anticipation for our trips into the wilderness. We feel we need it now, want it now, hear it calling to us now. We look to the future rewards of the forest and the grounding nature of the water. The anticipation make our trips all the sweeter and more enjoyable. 

Thank you for reading my blog today! I wish you a life time of seeing the sun, being the light, and finding your smile, as if by magic. I love you! Sending you healing loving energy from the middle of the forest! 

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