Transforming Fear

Why are you afraid? Really, why? Think deeply on this question. The question is not what do you fear. The question is why are you afraid? What is beneath that fear? What is the cause of this fear? It is not as simple as you may think.

You may feel you are afraid of not having what you need. That is fair to be afraid of. But why do you fear that? Which of your needs do you fear will be unmet? Is there another way to meet that need? Can you think of how it might be alright?

Once you understand why you are afraid of certain things you are more able to shift the energy of that to a more positive vibration. It may take sometime and work but eventually you can make this a habit. Eventually this will be your goto. Eventually, when you become afraid, you can ask yourself why and then quickly come up with ways it could be okay. It does not matter if the ways it could be okay even come true or not. It could be quite out of this world ways that it could be okay. What is important is that the energy is shifted.

Once the energy shift occurs within you, it vibrates out into the world and you help to shift the energy to the whole collective consciousness. Do you understand this? Does this make sense to you? We do not think you truly understand how much power you have.

How you feel is so much more that just how you feel. It affects the world. Of course your feelings are justified and if you do not acknowledge those feelings they cannot truly be transformed. They will just be covered up. Acknowledge what you feel. It does not matter if you judge it to be good or bad. Just acknowledge it. Once you have acknowledged it, then you can ask more questions and shift it to a more positive vibration.

Just think how amazing it would feel to know with a smile, with a laugh, with a fond memory; you can help heal the planet and help heal those vibrations that have caused so many to feel fear and have anxiety. Did you know you had such power?

It does not matter if you are all alone or surrounded by others. Your vibration will go out into the world and make a difference. Smile, Laugh, meditate, dance around and be silly. Think of ways it could all work out. Really think of ways it could all be okay.

Do not stay stuck in how it is now or how it may not be okay. Shift into a world of possibilities.

Channeled from one Divine soul to another.

I  love you!

Words really do have meaning; choose them wisely

This has been a reoccurring theme for me lately. I have long believed that words mean things and what we say; we put out there for the Universe to deliver to our doorstep. After attending a seminar on chronic pain and having a conversation with a friend; I knew I was being urged to write about it.

I believe strongly in manifestation, so I am careful with my words. My car will get me safely to all my destinations and I will arrive perfectly on time. My day will be blessed and full of reasons to smile. My thoughts will be positive, creative and productive. When setting intentions we always want to choose words that are positive because the Universe ignores the words “not” or “don’t”.

This was further reinforced for me when I attended a holistic nurses and integrative medicine meeting, this weekend, that featured several speakers on chronic pain. One, a hypnotherapist speaker named Roberta Fernandez, spoke about how important it is to ‘not’ tell people what they are going to feel. That it is up to them to have their own experiences. Why suggest to them they will feel pain when they, in fact, may not feel pain. She instead says to use language that suggests they may or may not feel something. Our minds are powerful and if someone suggest pain, we may indeed feel it just because it has been suggested. Interesting to think of all the things we tell ourselves and others. Just imagine what would be possible if all these messages were positive.

Another conversation, about the importance of choosing the right words, occurred at our kitchen table. My dear friend Libby, who is a gifted acupuncturist, was sharing an idea she called ‘word buckets’. She explained that, for various concepts, there is a bucket of words that we can use to describe a feeling or an action. Each word has its own vibration. It is up to us to choose the word that has a vibration that matches us or, more importantly, matches the vibration we want to achieve. For example, a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and speaks her mind, maybe called: assertive, confident, powerful, or self assured. If you identify, in this way, you could use any of these words to describe yourself. Which of these words fit the energetic vibration you are attempting to achieve? Another example of words, that may be in the same bucket, is: mother, nurturer, caregiver, healer, and comforter. Which word goes energetically with what you are wanting to bring to the relationship? I really love this concept of choosing words by their vibrational energy. I am grateful that Libby shared this wisdom with me and now you.

Keep in mind that we are energy. Everything is. The things we think and say impact us, our lives, and the world around us. Choose your words to be the ones with energy and the vibration you want to surround yourself with.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you! May you easily choose the right vibrations for the life of your dreams, as if by magic!

*Photo was taken at the Chequamegon Waters Flowage in Wisconsin.

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16 Truths Worth Contemplating

Years ago my friend Bobby suggested that I read a book called; Oneness. It was written by Rasha. I have learned that Bobby is a speaker of truth and that the things he shares are divinely guided. He is one of those very special friends that, just by being authentically who he is, shares wisdom with others. So (eventually) I listened and read the book. This book had a really profound impact on me. It changed me. It pushed me further down my path. It inspired me. The book has recently come up repeatedly in conversation. When I see or hear something 3 times I know this is not a coincidence but rather divine guidance. So the day I noticed the book sitting in my office, I pulled it out and began reading it again. This time, I did not read it from cover to cover. Rather I opened it at random pages. I read a couple pages and found that, once again, the book is having a profound affect on me. See below for 16 paraphrased bits of wisdom from Oneness.

Awareness does not come from thinking but from deep knowing.

◦ We are all one.

◦ We are fully responsible for our lives.

◦ The emotions and dramas of our life manifest as physical conditions in our body.

◦ Place emphasis on simplicity and love.

◦ Do not limit yourself by believing you are who you have always been.

◦ Letting go of your ego helps you to recognize yourself in others.

◦ By allowing circumstances ‘as is’ and altering our expectations, we more readily manifest positive results.

◦ Sometimes our plans bring us to our destiny, even when the plans are perceived to have failed.

◦ There is perfection in synchronicity.

Compassion is the thread that connects us all.

◦ The path to enlightenment is paved with many switchbacks.

◦ Your higher-self is always with you; to help you and guide you.

◦ As your vibrations shift, past “hurts” will no longer hold the sharpness of emotions upon reflection.

◦ View your past with compassion and not regret for it ALL served a purpose.

Manifestations with the intention of the best outcome for all concerned are the most powerful.

Thank you for sharing this lifetime with me. I hope that these little bits of truth inspire you, give you peace, or perhaps even incubate the beginning of transformation within you. Please share your thoughts with us all in the comments. These truth are ripe for discussion.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you. May you find inspiration, as if by magic.

*Photo was taken in Spruce Creek Park, FL

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