Energetic Residue

Yesterday’s adventure was an amble through a historic park. When I am in Philadelphia for work I love to go to Valley Forge National Historic Park. It is a large beautifully wooded park, rich with history. During the revolutionary war George Washington and his troops camped there from 1777-1778. According to Wikipedia over 2500 soldiers died in the encampment from starvation/malnutrition, disease, and exposure. It seems like such a contrast that someplace so beautiful could have such tragedy linked to it. Can we feel the energy of those lost lives? What about other historic places; do they carry residue of past acts?
I have always loved going to Valley Forge. The woods and gently rolling hills make for a beautiful back drop for a walk or a run. Even sitting at one of the multiple picnic tables and eating supper has brought me peace at the end of a busy day. Last night I went into the park from a different direction. Because of this I found myself in a different part of the park that I had not wandered before. I happened upon Washington Memorial Chapel. This Chapel was started in 1903 to commemorate the Continental Army and George Washington. The trees leaves were reflective of a camp fire with their autumn colors. I saw few visitors while I wandered the grounds. There is a large Cemetery behind the Chapel. Some of the graves are older but many recently departed rest there as well. As I was wondering amongst the tombstones, I spooked 3 bucks. Quite honestly when they spooked, so did I. I didn’t realize they were there until they bolted. Their sudden movement was in such opposition to the tranquil setting.
There seemed to be more of a feeling of sorrow in this part of the park. So different from what I had felt in the park before. Recently my husband and I traveled to Amsterdam. While we were there we visited the house where Anne Frank and her family hid during WWII. The sorrow in that place was crushing. I do not know if that sorrowful energy is from the people who hid there or from the multiple visitors that flock there daily. I was also blessed to be able to visit Stonehenge on the same trip. This historic site is located inside of a massive ancient graveyard. It is surrounded by burial mounds for some distance on all sides. The energy here is very soft and has no feeling of sorrow. Why is that? Is it because it is so old and all the old attachment has faded away. Is it because visitors come with an attitude of curiosity and awe? Or perhaps our ancestors saw death differently than we do.
The energy of a place can have such an impact on our experience while we are there. If we are not aware of our sensitivities to left over energy we could potentially take on those emotions as if they were ours. What are your thoughts about energy signatures? Have you felt this in the past?


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