What I Love About the BWCA!

What do I love about the BWCA? 
Have you heard of the Boundary Water Canoe Area (BWCA)? If you are a faithful follower of my blog you have. The BWCA is a magical place. There is so much about the BWCA that I love. Want to know what tops my list? 
  1. Quiet! – It is an area for canoeing; truthfully that is your only way in. There are no motorized vehicles, no noisy motors zipping around. You paddle your way through it. You have what you bring in and what nature provides, nothing else. When you get to land you pick up your stuff (including your canoe) and carry it till you get to land. All you hear is nature and the occasional paddles hitting water. It is shocking to come back to reality after so much isolation and quiet. 
  2. Nature– It is the only place I have been to where nature is really left alone. The camp sites consist of a pit toilet and a cooking grate, lots of trees, and critters. It is really you and nature. You hear the wolves howl. We saw a moose swimming across the lake, have been visited by ducks, and heard bears over on an island. It is beautiful!
  3. Privacy -The campsites are spread out; maybe 2 on a small lake and 5 on a bigger lake. You may go the whole time and see only the people you brought with you or see others on the paddle in and the paddle out. Emy and I skinny drip. It is so freeing! Why bother with a swimming suit when it is just you and the critters? 
  4. Beauty – The BWCA is one of the prettiest places I have ever been. Serene beauty is everywhere you look. Shimmering lakes, undisturbed forests, big skies, and wildlife. It is where I feel God! Nature is my church; nowhere (that I have been) is as undisturbed as the BWCA. 
  5. FUN – And a lot of work, but it is the kind of work you feel real proud of when you are done. You feel like “Hell ya! I just did that!”. You can fish if so inclined. Everything is cooked over an open campfire (or a camping stove). You sleep in a tent and spend the rest of your day outdoors. If it rains hang  out under a tarp. I am telling you – there is nothing like it! 
There are so many more reason I love the BWCA…. but for 7pm on Monday night this is a good start. I love you all and appreciate you for stopping by and reading my blog! I look forward to the next time. Have a wonderful rest of your Monday! 

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6 thoughts on “What I Love About the BWCA!

  1. You missed a big one: The Boundary Waters (BWCA) in combination with Quetico are one of the few remaining places on Earth that humans have not screwed up – it is as it has been for 100’s of thousands of years. It is a place you find your soul, your spirit, your center. One more little detail: it is one of the few places you see countless numbers of stars, skies so spectacular, beauty beyond most people’s imagination.

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    1. James, you are right! That was a huge miss on my part! Emy and I love to go for the full moon but our first year we were there for the New Moon. It is a magical place. Left alone to be exactly what it has always been. I sincerely hope it will continue this way for generations! Thank you for the reminder.


  2. Hello – one more thought: Have you ever explorer Quetico? It makes BWCA feel crowded. I met the person who saved Quetico from the Lumber industry, many years ago. I met “Uncle Phil” and he shared the story of stopping the mills from entering Questico with “Big Charlie”, in December, camped out in a tent – camped on the entrance road to what is now the Park. There is still a dam (the only human made object in Quetico) at the mouth of a river connecting Pickerel Lake to Bisk Lake. Anyway, I have so many stories to tell….back on the BWCA side, met Dorthy and enjoyed her rootbeer…

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