Trust Yourself

How comfortable are you with your intuition? Can you listen to that little voice deep inside of you. Do you know that feeling you get when your inner self is trying to guide you? Today I want to talk about some ways you can practice with your intuition. Begin to trust that voice of consciousness that is there to help guide you.

First though, you must learn how your intuition talks to you. It may be many different ways. It may be a feeling in your stomach. Did you know that the gastrointestinal system is often called the second brain? Deepak Chopra said, “If you say ‘I have a gut feeling about such and such’ you’re not speaking metaphorically, you’re speaking literally. Your gut makes the same chemicals that your brain makes when it thinks.” When you are making simple decisions like, “Should I have spaghetti or stir fry?” or “Should I wear the white shirt or the blue one?” check in with your gut. It will help you start to trust your gut. Then you can move on to checking in with bigger and bigger things.

Another technique, that can be used, is body testing or muscle testing. This is often used when selecting things to put in our bodies, like supplements or ingredients in food, but can be used for other items as well. There are many ways to do this. The way I do it most often is to stand still. I hold the supplement to my chest and ask if I should take it. If I should, my body will tip slightly forward. If I should not, it will tip slightly back. If you have never tried this before, it can be fun to start out trying it with various foods.

A third technique can be to notice what comes to mind often. I do this with my jewelry. Much of my jewelry has various purposes. I wear my Ganesh neckless to remove barriers, mirrored earrings to protect me from negativity, Amethyst for calm, Chakra colors for balance, and so on. I instinctively know which jewelry to wear for the day because it will keep coming to mind. When I am going about my day I notice what is happening and am frequently rewarded with confirmation that my intuition was correct as various experiences show up and my purposeful jewelry is there to assist me.

By practicing with your intuition on these little simple ways, you can better understand how it works and learn to trust it on a deeper level. Before long you will be using it to make bigger and bigger decision. You will find that once you get a feeling for your intuition and how it “speaks” to you, that it will not lead you astray.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I wish you a lifetime of your intuition leading you boldly toward the life of your dreams. I love you.

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