11 Birdseye Persecutive Observations

I am on an airplane twice a week, almost every week. The world looks different from my window view. This birds eye view of the world below allows my perspective to shift. Here are a few of my realizations that have become evident to me from this view.

1. We are all connected. Cities flow into countryside, which flows into small communities and back into cities. There is no separation, just a flow to it. Recognize that we are all connected.

2. A winding path is a beautiful path. As rivers and stream meander through the landscape they create an interesting type of beauty, which is in contrast to the square grids of city streets and the fields they pass through. Allow your path to take its own course.

3. It is all beautiful given the right view. Mountains, canyons, plains, cities, and forests all hold their own unique beauty. Embrace your unique beauty even if your perspective doesn’t make it obvious to you.

4. Sometimes really great stuff is hidden. The clouds often obstruct any view of the ground. They are beautiful in and of themselves but dipping below them can show a whole new layer of interest. Remember that there is more to people that what they show you or the world.

5. We have one Mother Earth. We cling to her and she supports and gives life to us. We dot her surface and enjoying the bounty she provides us. We must take care of her, because without her, we are only dust.

6. Things in the distance are hazy. Things far out along our path have a haze over them that makes them difficult to see clearly. When others’ perspectives are far from our own, we may not see clearly what they are seeing. Allow others to have a different perspective.

7. Sometimes the path is bumpy for no obvious reason. When flying, clouds can be bumpy, but sometimes turbulence comes out of nowhere and we can not predict it. This happens in our lives to. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! The bumps will eventually pass.

8. The horizon is always in the distance. There is always a destination beyond this one. Once we arrive at one goal there are still many more journeys to take. Keep going; your destination is not the end.

9. The sun is always shining. Even on cloudy days, once the airplane rises above the clouds, the sun shines bright and strong. There is always things to be grateful for in life, even when it seems all is dim and drab.

10. If you don’t look, you won’t see. Often I get so focused on work while on the plane that I don’t think to look out the window. I have looked up from my work to see miraculous views. Look for the beauty!

11. The magnificence of this planet should not be taken for granted. Volcanic mountains rise above the clouds, meandering canyons carved by mere water, the sunset along the coast of Florida, rainbows and shadows on the clouds. I cannot predict what awesome views might grace my trip nor can I expect that all I will see is beautiful clouds, but I expect to be amazed somehow, always!

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you. May a new perspective help improve you outlook and life, as if by magic.

*Photo was taken some where between St. Paul and St. Louis (the cities, not the people).

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