When Is Enough, Enough?

I was recently on a hiking adventure with Adventure Sister, Emy. While climbing up a pretty steep ascension, some rambling thoughts became an opportunity to reflect on my life and how I view what is enough.

As I was climbing, I was thinking of a friend who had shared stories of many spiritual ceremonies she had participated in. I thought, I would like to do more of that but time and money never seems plentiful enough to spend it on those types of practices. I whole heartedly believe that those wise souls, who facilitate these types of ceremonies, deserve to be paid for their time and energy, so that they can make a fair living for their own life. I was thinking once I have more financial abundance, I will take the opportunity to participate in more of these types of ceremonies. Ones that feed my soul and call out to my heart and fulfill my need to connect to spirit through nature. I will attend more classes given by wise souls who have knowledge to share. Once I have that magical amount of financial abundance called “more”.

It hit me then, as we climbed up and up from the river down below, that I  have made this deal with myself in the past so many years ago. I am much more financially abundant than I was when I last made this same promise to myself. I have noticed, as well as been told in the past, that the more you make the more you spend. This has proven to be very true. Also it seems that priorities shift. Spirituality has been a priority for me for a number of years but I create my own ceremonies and experiences rather than paying others for them. I trust my intuition, wise friends, and books for guidance,

It got me thinking, when it comes to abundance, when is enough, enough? Emy shared with me something she had learned about manifesting and getting the specifics into the visualization. How much do you want to make? How much vacation time do you need? What kind of benefits do you want? Do not try and manifest the how. Let the universe figure that part out. Getting the specifics figured out is also discussed in Lisa Nichols book, Abundance Now. She suggests you really think about the costs of doing things you want to do and living the lifestyle you want to live. She says only then can you really manifest the life of your dreams. This is something I have not ever really done before. I have never sat down and tried to figure out when enough will be enough.

I plan to spend some time deciding when I will feel abundant enough that I will feel safe to spend money to participate in ceremonies on a regular basis. Until that time, I will continue to participate in the occasional paid event but mostly will look within myself and to those wise souls who are walking this journey with me.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I wish you a lifetime of having enough to feed your soul and live the life of your dreams, as if my magic.

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Say What You Want! Part 2 of the Mastering Manifesting Series!

We often say things that affect our ability to Manifest. We do it out of habit and without even thinking about it. We do it all the time. A couple important things to remember about manifesting is that; our thoughts and words become real and the other  is to remember to stay on the positive side of what you want. The Universe will not hear the don’ts. Keep these tidbits in mind when you are speaking.

Someone said to me, “I’m having a hard time manifesting my plenty of time, money, and energy mantra”. When that was thought and then said, the Universe heard that and reinforced it. It became true. That “hard time” was granted. “I effortlessly manifest plenty of time, endless energy, and abundant money”, is a better thing to say. Sometimes it doesn’t seem true to our logical mind. Even if we don’t believe it in our heart of hearts we can still say it as if it were true. “I effortlessly manifest plenty of time, endless energy, and abundant money”. Even if you don’t really believe when you first start. The more you say it, reinforce it, the more it will start to come true. If you say, “that manifesting stuff doesn’t work for me”, it never will. Try saying, “I manifest frequently, easily, and with great success!”

We also need to stay cognizant about the things we don’t want. Imagine saying, “I don’t want to get laid off”. The universe only hears that you want to get laid off. A better thing to say is, “I want to stay happily employed”. “I want to loose weight”. What does the universe hear? That you want to need to loose weight. A better thing to say would be, “I am thin and fit”. “I want to be out of debt”. Better to proclaim to the Universe, “I have abundant money!”.

Are you starting to see what the Universe needs for you to do in order to manifest your dreams? Believe in the possibilities. Even if you do not believe everything you are saying, keep saying it. It really does matter what you say. Even if you tell it to others with a wink, keep saying it. “I have plenty of time, endless energy, and abundant money!” “I am thin and fit” “I am….” or “I have….” fill in the blank.

Blessing friends! Keep manifesting! The first blog in the series is here.

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The Story of the Stone Buffalo

Emy and my adventures are mostly based in the BWCA (Boundary Water Canoe Area) but there was an earlier adventure. It also started with a Groupon, curiously. It was a kayak trip down the Mississippi. This was not a daunting journey that took days and multiple supplies. This was a leisurely paddle with the current for a few hours.
It was a beautiful sunny day. We were excited to get out and do something new together. I had done some canoeing and kayaking but this was our first joint voyage. We paddled along, enjoying the scenery and each others company. We talked about the environment and even sent some healing energy to the Mississippi. We wanted to help combat some of the pollution we feared was there. There was a little island in the middle of the river at one point. Feeling free and quite adventurous we decided to stop and explore. It was a small bit of land covered with trees. There was a little dirt path through the forest. Hiking on the path was a great way to stretch our legs after a couple hours in the kayaks. We came across a picnic table. We walked past it not thinking much about it. Emy wondered further into the woods but I felt drawn to the picnic table. On the table there was a small stone bison. I felt intuitively that the fairies had left it there for me. I excitedly told Emy about it and showed it to her.
When I got home I looked up the spiritual meaning of bison. I believe that when we notice animals (especially animals we don’t typically see) they come with a message for us. It is a way Spirit talks to us. When I look up the messages animal totems have for me, I trust my gut to guide me to the reason the animal showed up. Nothing about the stone bison really seemed like a strong message for me at the time. I kept it in a special place; I had a sense that it was a powerful gift.
Tonight as Emy and I were messaging back and forth about steps we are taking to get our books published, my phone autocorrected “vision” to “bison”. I was immediately reminded of the stone bison from all those years ago. I looked it up again to see what meaning or message it had for us now. The following list of words came up acquainted with the bison.

Abundance      Blessing      Community      Consistency      Goals
Gratitude      Manifestation      Prayer      Prosperity      Provision
Sacrifice      Service      Stability      Strength      Surrender

Since this evening had been focused on our efforts to get our books published, I feel that the message of the stone bison was about steps we could take to move our books forward. I find it so interesting that this gift was given to me so many years before the idea of the book or even the concept of the Adventure Sisters was born. Life is magical, if you trust it.
Do you have any similar stories? What magic have you noticed in your life?

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11 Tips for Creating a Powerful Vision Board

Vision boards can be a powerful tool to help you focus on the things you want to bring into your life. I first heard of the practice when the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, was on the New York Time Best Seller list. I have since created many vision boards and have had amazing results. Here are some tips to help your vision boarding be magical.

  1. What do you want? ~ New car, travel, happiness. It might be all three or it might be you want the new car because it will allow you to travel, which you think will bring you happiness. Make a list of what it is you really want.
  2. Variety of sources ~ There are several sources you can use to find images to attach to your project. Cut them out of magazines. Print things off the internet. Use photos of yourself. You can even draw images yourself.
  3. Meaningful photos ~ I wanted to loose weight for one of the vision boards I was creating. I used pictures of myself from a time in my life when I was thin. Another time I wanted to have endless energy. I used photos of myself, wearing my bike helmet with my bike.
  4. Words ~ Words have meanings. Using powerful words on your board along with pictures can really help clarify what you are manifesting.
  5. Choose with feeling ~ Choose pictures and words that evoke a feeling in you. Feelings will make your board more powerful.
  6. Creativity ~ The more of yourself you put into your vision the better it will work. Using your creativity connects it to your heart. Draw pictures or decorate words. Add your own flair.
  7. Size matters ~ Don’t pick a really big size if there is no where to keep it up. Don’t use something so small you wont notice it.
  8. Location, location, location ~ Will it live in your office? Hang over your bed so you see it when you wake up? Are you mobile so it has to be carried on your clip board. I wanted a grandfather clock once, because it reminded me of being at my grandparents house. I carried a picture of it on my clipboard until one day it was delivered to my home.
  9. Have fun ~ The more fun you have while creating, the more happy, grateful, feel good emotions that will be attached to your board. When you look at it this is what you want to feel.
  10. Make it an event ~ Invite a friend or two over to create with you. This will again attach happy fun memories and set the intention with positivity.
  11. Believe ~ Just believe in the possibilities. You do not have to believe everything on the board will come true. You just have to believe everything on the board may come to you.

I enjoy the fun creative process of vision boarding. I hope, with these tips, you will find it a great way to improve your life. Do you have other tips? Do you have successes that could inspire others? Please share.