Say What You Want! Part 2 of the Mastering Manifesting Series!

We often say things that affect our ability to Manifest. We do it out of habit and without even thinking about it. We do it all the time. A couple important things to remember about manifesting is that; our thoughts and words become real and the other  is to remember to stay on the positive side of what you want. The Universe will not hear the don’ts. Keep these tidbits in mind when you are speaking.

Someone said to me, “I’m having a hard time manifesting my plenty of time, money, and energy mantra”. When that was thought and then said, the Universe heard that and reinforced it. It became true. That “hard time” was granted. “I effortlessly manifest plenty of time, endless energy, and abundant money”, is a better thing to say. Sometimes it doesn’t seem true to our logical mind. Even if we don’t believe it in our heart of hearts we can still say it as if it were true. “I effortlessly manifest plenty of time, endless energy, and abundant money”. Even if you don’t really believe when you first start. The more you say it, reinforce it, the more it will start to come true. If you say, “that manifesting stuff doesn’t work for me”, it never will. Try saying, “I manifest frequently, easily, and with great success!”

We also need to stay cognizant about the things we don’t want. Imagine saying, “I don’t want to get laid off”. The universe only hears that you want to get laid off. A better thing to say is, “I want to stay happily employed”. “I want to loose weight”. What does the universe hear? That you want to need to loose weight. A better thing to say would be, “I am thin and fit”. “I want to be out of debt”. Better to proclaim to the Universe, “I have abundant money!”.

Are you starting to see what the Universe needs for you to do in order to manifest your dreams? Believe in the possibilities. Even if you do not believe everything you are saying, keep saying it. It really does matter what you say. Even if you tell it to others with a wink, keep saying it. “I have plenty of time, endless energy, and abundant money!” “I am thin and fit” “I am….” or “I have….” fill in the blank.

Blessing friends! Keep manifesting! The first blog in the series is here.

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