When Is Enough, Enough?

I was recently on a hiking adventure with Adventure Sister, Emy. While climbing up a pretty steep ascension, some rambling thoughts became an opportunity to reflect on my life and how I view what is enough.

As I was climbing, I was thinking of a friend who had shared stories of many spiritual ceremonies she had participated in. I thought, I would like to do more of that but time and money never seems plentiful enough to spend it on those types of practices. I whole heartedly believe that those wise souls, who facilitate these types of ceremonies, deserve to be paid for their time and energy, so that they can make a fair living for their own life. I was thinking once I have more financial abundance, I will take the opportunity to participate in more of these types of ceremonies. Ones that feed my soul and call out to my heart and fulfill my need to connect to spirit through nature. I will attend more classes given by wise souls who have knowledge to share. Once I have that magical amount of financial abundance called “more”.

It hit me then, as we climbed up and up from the river down below, that I  have made this deal with myself in the past so many years ago. I am much more financially abundant than I was when I last made this same promise to myself. I have noticed, as well as been told in the past, that the more you make the more you spend. This has proven to be very true. Also it seems that priorities shift. Spirituality has been a priority for me for a number of years but I create my own ceremonies and experiences rather than paying others for them. I trust my intuition, wise friends, and books for guidance,

It got me thinking, when it comes to abundance, when is enough, enough? Emy shared with me something she had learned about manifesting and getting the specifics into the visualization. How much do you want to make? How much vacation time do you need? What kind of benefits do you want? Do not try and manifest the how. Let the universe figure that part out. Getting the specifics figured out is also discussed in Lisa Nichols book, Abundance Now. She suggests you really think about the costs of doing things you want to do and living the lifestyle you want to live. She says only then can you really manifest the life of your dreams. This is something I have not ever really done before. I have never sat down and tried to figure out when enough will be enough.

I plan to spend some time deciding when I will feel abundant enough that I will feel safe to spend money to participate in ceremonies on a regular basis. Until that time, I will continue to participate in the occasional paid event but mostly will look within myself and to those wise souls who are walking this journey with me.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I wish you a lifetime of having enough to feed your soul and live the life of your dreams, as if my magic.

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