Protecting Yourself From Unwanted Energies

When you are around people who are crabby, do you find yourself getting crabby too, for no particular reason? Can you walk into a room and feel what the mood is as soon as you enter? You may be an empath. Regardless of if you are or aren’t, it is important that we protect ourselves from these unwanted energies. We have enough of our own stuff to deal with with out dealing with everyone else’s.

Some people are energy vampires. They don’t even know they are doing it but you feel completely drained after an interaction with them. These people are a great place for you to practice using your protection. Try some of the techniques below the next time you are around this person to see if you feel less drained. If it works, you will know that you are successfully applying the techniques.

There are lots of things that can be done for protection.

  1. Agates –  this stone has protective powers and can be carried in a pocket or set on a windowsill.
  2. Black salt – circling an area with black salt can help keep unwanted energies or entities out.
  3. Charms – a St. Christopher medal or other Spiritual Charm can be used to keep a loved one safe.
  4. INTENTION – This is the most important way to protect yourself from energy vampires. I like to visualize a ball of white light around me or my loved ones to keep the extra energies from invading.  It can even be a force field around the house. Visualize yourself pulling a condom down over your whole body before you leave your house. Condoms are “protection” right? The reason the charms, black salt, and stones work is because of the intention you set with them. I like to compare them to Dumbo’s feather. Sometimes we just need something tangible to remind us of our own innate power.

During October I wrote a Blog about ghosts. You can also use these techniques to keep your space free from the disembodied. Your space is your space. No one has a right to enter it without your permission, not even the dead. Remember in the old vampire movies and Count Dracula could not come into the house without permission of the owner. This is true of ghosts and other spirits. Tell them to stay out. Be firm and let them know that this is your space and they are not welcome unless they are working in your highest and greatest good. There is no need to be fearful, just tell them to get out.

You can have your force field up around your home and possessions too. I would still encourage you to lock your doors, no reason to be foolish, but what could it hurt to have a bubble of protection around your stuff? It helps keep it safe from those who may have self or desperate intentions. I have found it to be incredibly beneficial.

By using these simple techniques, you should be able to protect yourself from taking on energies or being bothered by emotions that are not yours. If you have personal protection rituals you do, we would love for you to share them in the comments, so that others can learn from you too.

Thank you for reading my blog toady. I love you! May you always feel safe and protected, as if by magic.

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