Hope For the Future

Today, I had an amazing opportunity. I got to go and talk with a bunch of high school kids about Reiki energy healing and the Chakra system. I was so impressed that high schools are starting to teach alternative healing classes. What a gift for these amazing young people to get a taste that there are other options out there other than just a pill to help you when you are not feeling well.

The 22 students I met with were warm and engaging. They asked great questions and participated with all of the activities we tried. They were open but questioning. I really appreciated that they did not just take it as fact but rather asked smart questions. They thought about the principles that were being taught and then, very respectfully challenged, what was being told to them. I also appreciated their wise teacher who allowed the topic to adapt in order to address their questions. How I wish I could have spent more time with them.

When I first started my holistic healing practice people didn’t really “get it”. They really didn’t understand about our body’s innate ability to heal itself. They couldn’t understand how I might have been able to help them. They flocked to the massage therapists, but they just couldn’t really picture what I would do for them. When I think about it, why would they. most people back then had not experienced holistic healing. They couldn’t understand how armed with a gong, a deck of tarot cards, and a fist full of certifications, I could truly help them out. But I could see it.  I could see how I would be able to do an assessment, find the underlying emotion or cause of their health concern and work on that, instead of masking it with medications.

If I would have had more time with this dynamic group, of soon to be adults, I would have loved to teach them so many more things. I would have taught them about the underlying issues (often emotional) that sit just beneath the surface, causing other things to pop up in our health. I would have taught them about the gift of forgiveness and how it can free you more than the person you are forgiving. I would have taught them that they are enough; that we all have special gifts and talents. Which are usually not the same. I would have taught them some simple energy healing techniques. I could go on and on there is so much they could learn. In the future I hope to be invited to do other events like this with teens. These bright young people are our future and they give me so much hope.

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