Empaths; 6 Different Types

I host a monthly gathering for seekers who want to learn more. It is a wonderful group of people who accept the others in the group without question. It is a safe place to ask questions, be yourself, and learn more about the metaphysical world. This month’s topic was Empaths. As I was preparing information to share with the group I came across some interesting information that I did not realize. Did you know there are 6 different types of Empaths? Here’s a look at what I found.

  1. Those who connect with emotions – I think this is the type most people think of, when they think of an Empath. I know it is what I thought of. These are people who can feel other’s emotions. When this type of empath is not aware of their nature, they may feel the heaviness we they walk in a room but not know why or how. When they embrace they’re power they can actually sense it and then change the mood of the room with their light.
  2. Those who connect with animals – These type of empaths are the folks that go into animal communication. They just “get” animals more than others. You may even have heard them called (dog, cat, horse) “whisperers”. Even when they are not aware of their nature, they may still be drawn to work with animals as vets or sitters. They may even choose to be vegetarians because the ideas of eating the flesh of other sentinal beings is just too much for them.
  3. Those who connect with plants – These are the people just know when the house plants need to be watered, not because the dirt feels dry, but because they feel the needs of the plants and them calling for it. These people may be literal “tree huggers” as they hear the trees sending them messages and want to connect with them. Even when these empaths do not know their true nature they may drift towards work in fields that allow them to work with plants or in forests. They may also have amazing green thumbs.
  4. Those who connect with the Earth – These lovely souls feel the pain of the planet. They intuitively know if an area is polluted. Even if they do not know their true nature, they may be environmentalist or fight for Mother Earth through other means. Adventure Sister Emy is definitely this type of empath. It is what motivated her to run for political office.
  5. Those who connect with other people’s body issues – These people are medical intuitive. They know where there is illness in others bodies or feel the specific pains of the person they are working with. They may walk into a room and suddenly have a headache, which is of course not their headache, but they take on the feeling (pain) that someone else in the room is going through. Many times removing the pain from that person to their own detriment.
  6. Those who connect with thoughts –  These empaths just know what to say. They do not feel the emotions of the person, as the first type did, but rather just have a ‘knowing’ of that person. These people, even if they do not know their true nature, are just good with people. They interview well, because they know what the other wants to hear. They are that person who always knows what to say to you and when to say it. Somehow they just know what you need to hear.

If you are an empath you may have components of many of these, or even all of them. Likely one is more prominent for you than the rest. Maybe you do not know if you are an empath or not, but you do not have to know or label yourself one. Now that you know of these different traits, to the various types of empaths, you can watch and see if any of these things show up in your life or sound like you.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I love you. May you have a life of feeling comfortable in your own skin, as if by magic.

*Photo was taken in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

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2 thoughts on “Empaths; 6 Different Types

  1. Good reading. My husband is a hard core empath and often gets physically sick from it. Any suggestions for reading or ways to channel this, besides prayer and meditation ? Thank you!

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