New Years Manifestations

A few years ago I started a new practice. After many years of making a new years resolution to loose weight, start a savings account, exercise regularly, I decided it was time for a change. I instead started to write New Years manifestation list.
You may be wondering how this is different. It is not just a new name for the same old tired idea. A new perspective and new way to go about improving your life in the new year is offered through this practice. Listing the goals for the year rather than making a list of things you must do. Instead of exercise regularly as a resolution, your manifestation may be to fit and healthy. Our thoughts create our world. By focusing on positive things we want to bring into our life we allow the process of how it will happen to take care of itself.
Let me give you an example. Last year when I made my manifestation list for 2017 I put on it 3 fabulous trips. This year My husband and I went to London and Amsterdam. We got to see Stonehenge, visit relatives, and see my grandfathers homeland. We also took our son and a granddaughter to see the Grand Canyon. Additionally my husband and I went to Oregon where we made some new friends and were able to hike and see many waterfalls. As a bonus my Adventure Sister, Emy and I got to go to Orlando for a writers workshop and some playtime as well. Many of the items on my 2017 list have to do with renovations the house and hopes and prayers for family. They almost all came fully into being. A couple of them have started to unfold but are not yet finished. Nothing on the list was completely without progress.
A other advantage to manifestation list over resolutions is the sky is the limit and you can have as many items as you want on your list. I had 21 items on my manifestation list for 2017. If I had made 21 resolutions I would have quickly felt overwhelmed. With this process you can write it out and release it with blessing. You do not have to think about it until the end of the year when you get to look back and see how many items have come into being.
If you decide to adopt this process it is important you write things in the positive. So instead of paying of debt say have an abundance of money, OR to be 100% in the black. Instead of saying loose weight, say be thin and fit. That way the intention is clear and you are not attracting any more of what you do not want.
So as we prepare to go into 2018, I wish you a year of health, happiness, and success. May all of your wished be granted. By the time 2019 comes to call may we all be living the life of our dreams.
What do you think of this process? Have you done this before and have success stories to share? What is the first thing you are going to put on your New Years Manifestation list?


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